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By:    (Jan 29, 2013)

Thanks, Tim and Sara

The chicken is the most flavorful that I have every experinced, it so refreshing to know that the chickens are running around the fields like they should do. The eggs are incredible tasting with a beautiful orange yolk, my wife and I are so happy with our decision to go with your farm. Looking forward to seeing you in Elk Grove Village

Thanks Again J. Left

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Awesome Naturally Naked Foods
By: Dorothy Wycoff    (Dec 18, 2012)

Awesome Naturally Naked foods. My husband loves your eggs. He can't get enough. I also love them but he is a fanatic. Try giving this man a store bought egg now and he can tell the difference. The chicken is also wonderful. Great flavor. Always use the whole chicken including the bones. Have roast chicken on sunday and make soup with the rest later in the week. Thank You! Keep up the fabulous work. We appreciate your efforts.

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Awesome Eggs
By: Brandi G.    (Dec 15, 2012)

Love fresh eggs. Thanks

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Turkey, Chicken and Eggs oh my!!!!
By: JP Samuels    (Dec 15, 2012)

We have been getting your eggs for some time and we can't believe how great they taste versus store bought. We will never go back to store bought again. The education you gave us on the junk they put in our foods was heart wrenching. No wonder people are dying from cancer. Recently we tried the turkey and chicken. The old man hates white meat unless it's smothered in gravy. He loved it. You have changed the way we look at our food. Looking forward to veggies and beef and pork.


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Thank you!
By: Sam Jeffreys    (Dec 15, 2012)

My family has enjoyed the freshest eggs and chicken. Not to mention the professional customer service. Being new to the all natural and organic produce has really made a true believer. It may cost a little extra but is so worth the money knowing I am NOT feeding my family preservatives and who know what else. Thank you for all the information on feeding my family organically. I can't wait for your Summer Harvest again. Of course, keep the eggs coming. We just love them.

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Great Eggs
By: Deb S.    (Dec 15, 2012)

Naturally Naked Foods offers the freshest eggs we have ever tasted and their chicken is so moist beats Purdue any day.

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good stuff maynard!!
By: Bob Grist    (Dec 10, 2012)

great ,eggs , chicken , turkey , the family loves this stuff! recommend this place to anyone who'll listen to me, keep it comin' !

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Wonderful chickens (and wonderful people)
By: Marcy Prchal    (Nov 27, 2012)

We have been buying chickens from Sara and Tim for a few years now, and they are great people to do business with, and have a great product. You'll have a hard time finding people who love their animals more. Their birds live a great life, and are some of the best we have ever had.

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