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Service, Dedication, Education, Honesty and Authenticity
By: Elise Eagle    (Jun 10, 2011)

Hillbilly Farms is a leading edge family owned farm dedicated to providing excellent customer service and education to any and all who are interested. The owners have become dear friends of mine and are a never ending source of priceless information. They gained this information through years of dedication and service to our small community, as well as extensive research and education. Always friendly and personable, they go to any length to be helpful, supportive and imformative. Our farmers market season here in Fountain Colorado just started it's season this past Tuesday, June 7, 2011 and it was a GREAT success. Hillbilly Farms is the ONLY vendor in the area currently providing local organic foods produced less than one mile from the actual market...amazing and very rare. I read the review by Holly dated June 2, 2010...only a week before our market season started last year. She waited a year after her "supposed" terrible customer service experience at the farmers market in 2009 to write this obviously delusional piece of fiction. I've never known the owners of Hillbilly Farms to provide anything less than the ultimate in customer service, information products, produce, eggs and meats. I just spent the entire day helping deliver their animals to customers in the mountains and learning to can. What an eye opening educational experience. I am very grateful to Hillbilly Farms for being exceptional friends, neighbors and community leaders. They are the only folks who grow pigs in a 200 mile radius...and believe me...their pig roasts are the best in the entire country. I've traveled extensively and never tasted better. I can't say enought about my friends at Hillbilly Farms. I'd give them SIX STARS but five is the limit. Find out for yourselves!! You'll be glad you did...

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New Friends!
By: Bonnie Nelson    (Jan 18, 2011)

I attended the Fountain Farmers Market last year for the purpose of finding more people who wanted to live a more self- sustainable lifestyle. I ran across Hillbilly Farms and Donna LaChey. Donna was very helpful in answering questions that I had on gardening. Since, I am also interested in raising chickens Donna gave me a good overvew on how to raise chickens in my backyard. Over the past few months I have asked Donna several questions pertaining to gardening, canning, chickens and have bought many of her products. I have not been disappointed.

Any Farmer's Market is a good avenue for finding new friends. And I have found a new friend with Hillybilly Farms.

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Terrible Customer Service
By: Holly    (Jun 2, 2010)

I met the owner of Hillbilly Farms at the Fountain Farmer's Market this past summer (2009). I was asking some simple questions regarding small farm practice and chickens. I was blindsided by her horrible attitude and unwillingness to offer anything other than rudeness! I will NEVER purchase anything from them! I will find farmers that are friendly and willing to talk about what they have and how they sustain their farm. I have never in my life met a farmer that isn't willing to share general knowledge to help someone else begin to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle by growing and raising their own food.

I have never been more disappointed!

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Jim & Donna La Chey says:    (Dec 30, 2010)

Hi Holly, I am sorry you had a poor experience at the Fountain Farmer's Market, but I do not believe this is an accurate represenation of the Market. I do not recall visiting with anyone last year who was not relaxed and enjoying the afternoon. Typically, the vendors are very friendly at the market. Everyone brings extra chairs and visits or catches up with the happenings in the area. Hillbilly Farms is the only vendor who sells only items produced at our farm. We drive the 1947 Avery tractor with a small trailor as the farm is only one mile down the road. We set up a canopy and the chairs and relax for an afternoon of visiting and sharing ideas. Patrons find the old tractor interesting and many people climb and sit on it. Hillbilly Farms is also the sponsor of "The Garden Starts Here" series which is organized by one of our patrons. These classes are held at a local restaurant. Local gardeners, bee-keepers, and others wishing to learn about or share their knowledge concerning small scale sustainability meet one Saturday morning each month. In the summer of 2010 patrons requested we host free classes to teach methods of food preservation. Each Thursday morning patrons would come to the farm and we would can, dehydrate, freeze, cure/smoke, etc. the food they received in their shares. They would bring friends and we had a fun time visiting as we were processing the food. Please come to the market again and sit and share your knowedlege and experience. Sincerely, Donna

Hillbilly Farms, Under the tree
By: Steve Janbaz    (Oct 18, 2009)

I love getting my eggs at Hillbilly Farms. They keep them on the front portch in a small fridge and I can pick up really fresh eggs any time I want, and they are so colorful. Brown, blue, and white eggs all in the same carton.

I got a csa share of their live herbs this year and wow, they are growing like weeds in my window, the house smells wonderful and now that they are big enough I can cook with fresh herbs everyday. My family really does notice the difference in their meals.

I hope that they offer vegetable shares next year. I got some from them at the Fountain farmers market this past year. I can not wait to see what they bring next year. Everytime I stop by their booth I learn something new and exciting about my food.

Their contributions to the food section of the Fo untain Valley News is so timiley and helpful that I don't know what I would do without it.

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