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Excellent product
By: Steve Vinson    (Jul 25, 2014)

Big, beautiful Florida avocados. Arrived in great condition. Superb value, so much better than the Haas avocados. Pure avocado ecstacy.

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By: Lynnette Griffen    (Jul 13, 2014)

I received my order today, and I could smell them threw the box. Excellent product. I was lucky enough to get one that was fully ripe and it was the tastiest guava I've ever had, aside from the ones I picked off the tree, ripe in the Dominican Republic. I will be ordering more in the future.

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Excellent Fruit
By: Edward Harrison    (Jun 28, 2014)

Excellent fruit which I had not seen or tasted since I left South America 55 years ago. Very sweet indeed. They took quite a while to ripen, but the wait was worth it many times over. Will be trying your Mamey on my next order. Have informed some friends about your farm.

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Very disappointing with the latest shipment of star apple
By: Cathy T Loose    (Jun 20, 2014)

Bob, I had ordered many times from your farm and are generally happy with the overall service and quality of fruit. However, I had recently ordered the star apple for the first time (in June), and the experience was bad. The entire box never did ripe and remained hard after a week and half - they were picked too green. A few that were soft were inedible - when you cut them in half, they were all dark and rotten. We threw all of them away. I would definitely not order these star apples again.

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Robert Petrucci says:    (Jun 26, 2014)

anyone can call me anytime if you have an issue with your shipment im very accesible even though incredibly busy growing what you eat

By: Grace N. Lagarde    (May 22, 2014)

This fruit is one of my favorite, sapodilla is heavenly delicious very sweet indeed, who doesn't like sweets? please try this fruit but watch out you might get hooked after you eat them, just love the fruit.

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not for small families
By: Anne Morgan    (Mar 11, 2014)

These were wonderful. However, they are not intended for small families and individuals. A friend and I joined to buy one order and we each lost one fruit. They came ready to eat, wonderful for a restaurant but not if one can't eat them within a couple of days. I tried hard because they are absolutely the most delicious avocados I have ever eaten. Could you ship them in varied ripeness? Again, wonderful but too large for me. Even though I lost one I am glad for the experience and I wish you success.

Anne Morgan

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California is not accepting Guava Leaves
By: Margaret Welty    (Mar 10, 2014)

Just want you to know that if you are buying Guava Leaves to ship to California -- I tried it and am in the process of getting a refund as California will not accept shipments.

I did not get any . . . so really I could not rate them -- but I could not post this review without a rating . . I suspect that they are great! Very good for many things!

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By: Edward Thoman    (Nov 7, 2013)

Second ten pound order of dragonfuit this year. I stick them in the fridge and let them chill and they are incredible. Grateful it was available so late in the season. Thank You

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