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Delicious Avocados!
By: Carol Ziel    (Jan 3, 2015)

Seller answered my questions before I decided to buy. I'm located in Iowa and this is winter time so I was a bit concerned but my shipment of avocados arrived on Friday without any problems (shipped on Monday but delayed by Christmas). The avocados are absolutely delicious! Best I've eaten ... other than the same type when visiting California :) Definitely will buy again.

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Excellent sweet tasty fruit! Love it!!
By:    (Dec 25, 2014)

Wow! First time trying this fruit. Large fruit about 7 inches by 5 inches The flesh is the color of sweet potato, dense and very sweet. There were 3 large ones and one small one. I appreciated that Bob the grower packed 2 large ripe ones ready to eat and 2 not quite ready so I can take my time to enjoy it. I ordered 10 pounds and it arrived in perfect condition. Quick delivery. Priority mail. Quite happy. I'm the only one at the home that eats it so I end up scooping the ripe flesh and bagging it for the freezer to make smoothies in the future ?. I'm on Local harvest waiting list for sugar apples my next adventure!! Looks like Bob grows it too! Rated 4 stars because it's so darn expensive!!!

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Interesting Fruit
By: Mo Alsalibi    (Dec 12, 2014)

I tried this fruit for the first time, its sweet but kind of dry. Tasted better when put in Frig, As texture became more moist. All in all, I liked it. Strangely, received a bit hard to the touch, next day they all were very soft! This fruit seems to ripen fast. Great for pies, Thanks.

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Great Tatesing!
By: Mo Alsalibi    (Dec 12, 2014)

I really enjoyed my order, they're very accommodating, fast shipment. The fruit tasted sweet. Thanks.

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Nothing like what I expected
By: Dipesh Patel    (Dec 3, 2014)

I bought these long time ago but didn't review it at the time. All the guava came in a big box. Which gave them a lot of room to bang into each other. So when I got them most of them were bruised. Almost all of them had hard scales on them. Smelled good but we're barely pink. I let them ripe on the table and they dried up and were not edible. I threw them all out. I was able to get a full refund after I emailed them pictures of the package and the guavas. Because of the good service I will order something again. But not the pink guava unless it comes from a different farm.

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Very interesting fruit!
By: Mo Alsalibi    (Nov 27, 2014)

I really liked the taste and it reminds me of sweet potatos but different as the fruit is very dense and soft in texture. Order received fast and in excellent condition. Defintely will try other exotics in the future. Highly recommended!


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Fresh Gardens Farmer Bob's Dragon Fruit
By: David Heath Burns    (Oct 28, 2014)

I received the Dragon fruit this afternoon. I can't thank you enough Bob. This met my expectation and more. The texture is great with a sweet refreshness to go with it. I will defiantly ask the local produce man about these. We have a local event coming up Nov. 1st. What would it take to buy around 50 or more if I set up a booth. People around here would know about Dragon fruit then. I'm not really a sales person but would love having these in stock here in Central Alabama 3 mo out of the year, lol : ). Thank you again, can't wait until my two kids get home from school today. 13 y/o girl and 10 y/o boy have both wanted to try them. God Bless...

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Lost Trust with this Farm
By: Prasad Hedge    (Oct 2, 2014)

I have ordered multiple time from Fresh Gardens but my last order was Longons and they arrived completely rotten, covered in fluff and bubbles and smelling strongly of vinegar- I took photos and emailed the farm and never heard back. I did receive another box (I don't know if that was my second box form my order- there was a 2 box special for $67) but it was another car wreck- the whole home smelled of very rotten fruit and I once again took photos and emailed the farm and again heard nothing- no apology, no refund. Be careful- buying food on the internet requires trust and this farm can't be trusted

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Robert Petrucci says:    (Oct 4, 2014)

Prased has ordered many times from us and we do appreciate your business as I am a one man show sometimes I do admit it is hard for me to address every order that has an issue .The only explanation I can find is that the post office was late delivering or your fruit got heated up this is the hottest summer recorded on record and happening twice is possible.Im sure by now your money was refunded by local harvest alwaysyou can call me directly on my cell 305 807 5846

Robert Petrucci says:    (Oct 29, 2014)

my new cell number 305 245 8388