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Wimer's Organics
By: Bettina Berg    (Jul 6, 2009)

We love our CSA shares! They have become the highlight of every week. We eagerly look forward to our weekend newsletter telling us what to expect for the coming week as well as the recipes kindly provided by Bud Wimer. We impatiently wait for Wednesdays to arrive and when we get our shares, we get thrills from the smell, the color and the quality of the produce. We now spend longer hours in the kitchen exploring and cooking and using every bit of what we received that week. We switched from a half share to a full share very quickly because we couldn't bear to be missing a single week! We feel that we are doing the right thing, for our family but also for the farm and farmers. We are learning about seasonal produce for the very first time and how to be creative with what nature yields. We couldn't be happier. We highly recommend Wimer's Organics, you won't be disappointed!!!

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Love the CSA program!
By: Brandi Parshley    (Jul 5, 2009)

Our produce from Wimer's always exceeds our expectations, it is clean, ripe, and free from diseases and blemishes. Everything we have received has been of excellent quality. Pick up is very clear and organized and communication with the CSA organizer has been excellent. I like the variety of vegetables, but they are a little different from your standard market fare. We joined because we wanted to try a variety of new vegetables and we wanted to include more vegetables in our diets. I can't say enough positive things about this organization! They have been wonderful!

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Wimer's CSA
By: joan shuster    (Jul 5, 2009)

Thanks for turning us on to scapes. We love them. They flavor soups, salads and stir-frys. We appreciate that the veggies and herbs are so fresh. The cabbage was the most tender I have ever tasted. I thought I didn't like sage until I got the fresh herb. I made an onion and sage tart that is fab. So thank you for challenging me to try something different. Can't wait for the next box. Everything is always so fresh. You guys are great!

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