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By: Natalie Gaensbauer    (Nov 11, 2014)

We signed up for TOJ's CSA this year and it was a great experience. Tehran brought a large varity of fresh and tastey produce to our door every week from April to October.

I would highly recommend this CSA as Tehran is reliable and has high quality produce.

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By: Matt McGill    (Jul 27, 2010)

Everything we've had from Taste of Jewell has been excellent. The vegetables are fresh and delicious. The fruit, especially the peaches, is excellent. And the meat is also great. Lean, pasture raised and grass fed pork and beef. It is so much better for you than the junk they sell at the grocery store. I highly recommend Mr. Jewell and and his product.

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Really Good Veggies
By: Doretha Minor    (Aug 28, 2009)

Last weekend was the first time that we had gone to the farmer's market in Clarksville. Not only was the fellow here friendly, he really loved farming. He knew all about his crops and had delicious veggies. I got some cherry and pear tomatoes that I ate like candy the rest of the day. We are going back this weekend and the first place we will hit is the Jewell Farms table! by the time we arrived last weekend all the sweet corn was gone :( but he said that they would have a little more this upcoming weekend so we are going early : )

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By: barbara ross    (Aug 15, 2009)

Very nice man. Bought delicious melons from him (honeydew and watermelon), at the Downtown Clarksville Market.

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By: Kelly Caffee    (Aug 7, 2009)

We visited our local farmers market in Clarksville last weekend and bought some wonderful peaches from this farm. They were HUGE and juicy ~ just lovely!! We also bought some snap beans and a watermelon - both were yummy!! Going back this weekend for more! Thanks, Kelly Caffee

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Friendly and Delicious
By: Erin Mc    (Aug 6, 2009)

My family and I had a really positive experience with Jewell Farms at the local farmer's market. They were friendly and helpful in picking out the tastiest fruits and vegetables! Everything that we bought was delicious, and really reasonably priced- much better than anything you would find at a grocery store, that's for certain. I look forward to eating Jewell Farm's fruits and vegetables from now on!

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Good Times, Good Food
By: Michael Foster    (Jul 30, 2009)

Mr. Jewell is very personable and knowledgeable. He has an unparalleled passion for farming. He is willing to bend over backwards for you, the customer, in order to make sure you are happy with his service. That quality in a business person is very rare nowadays. His produce tastes very well and is organic as advertised. We need to support the small farmers and Mr. Jewell is one of the best.

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Jewell Farms - Convenient and Delicious
By: Pat Martin    (Jul 13, 2009)

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jewell at an occasion and discovered that not only did he farm, but that he did the type of farming that was of great interest to me and my family. He farmed naturally grown worries of harmful chemicals and/or pesticides. The type of fruits and vegetables that a responsible parent can feel very good about feeding her family each day. I recently visited one of their stands at the Nashville Farmer's Market. The Jewell's products not only taste great, but are absolutely beautiful to look at. Their displays are gorgeously arranged. The cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, green beans, and corn made an eyecatching arrangement. All I can say is great prices, great products, great taste. They'll even deliver produce to your home, if special arrangements can be made. There is no comparison to between supermarket products and the products available through "Taste of Jewell".

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