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By: don m.    (Feb 10, 2009)

Having grown up in the city and my only experience with pork, chicken, eggs, and beef was that of "artificial preserves and additives" , what an absolute joy to my taste buds and body I experienced from the products at Nancy's Green Barn Farm. First, the service, in this day and age it is refreshing to have a merchant stand behind their product! Nancy is one the most considerate, compassionate, kind, owners you can ever meet. The Federal Goverment should take a page out of her book when it comes to running a business and customer service! The product, I don't have enough room to share how fresh the chickens taste, mouth watering the beef is, the eggs are second to none, and the pork (ham, sausage, chops) are a family favorite! My daughter no longer eats "store bought" chickens, she waits until I can get to Nancy for the chickens. My favorite is the sausage, which doesn't last long at home. I could go on, but simply put, if Nancy's Green Barn Farm was a composer, she is a "Virtuoso" Take a bow!

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Fabulous pork and chicken!
By: Torrey Palmer    (Feb 5, 2009)

I am incredibly thankful to Nancy for the fantastic pork and chicken(s). I was rather nervous about purchasing 1/4 of a pork, because it seemed rather overwhelming! However, she has it packaged and ready to cook in family-sized portions, clearly labeled, and of course delicious to eat. We ate the cured ham for Christmas, which was a huge hit! We just ate the pork ribs last week with friends... another huge hit! We have also purchased one chicken which was great as well. There is something very comforting about knowing the food we eat is well fed, well exercised, and just well taken care of. Thank you Nancy!

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Eggs, Pigs and Chickens! Oh my!
By: C. Justin Mayers    (Feb 2, 2009)

We love Nancy's Green Barn Farm. From the fresh eggs to the great pork and chickens our experience has been wonderful. Nancy delivers like clockwork and her eggs are consistently fresh and delicious. We are currently working on our second 1/4 of a pig and we won't be going back to the store for pork anymore, we are hooked on Nancy's pork. The chicken we had just 2 weeks ago was great. You can tell this chicken was well fed and running around, not caged.

After visiting the farm and seeing the Hoop House and all the animals we are really looking forward to Nancy's CSA as well as a 1/4 share in a steer she is raising.

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