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Great for the kids
By: Noah DuFoe-Guiles    (Mar 27, 2010)

The garden is a short drive from Rockford (maybe 10-15 minutes from NW Rockford) and has a great variety of vegetables. There are some fruits as well, mostly berries. The strawberries make great jam!

The picking takes a little while, especially when you are really in the middle of the season because there is so much to pick. So set aside a morning or afternoon, and get out of the city for a little while: it's good for you.

Last year I took my 2 year old with every week and she had a blast running around and eating cherry tomatos right off the vine! This year she will be even more helpful.

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I call it 'My Farm'
By: Annette Wolfe    (Jul 30, 2009)

This is the first year I've ever joined a CSA. So far, I love it. I made a ton of strawberry jam in June. Each week I pick great veggies.

Yeah, there are bugs and it takes time to pick. It's work. But... I arrive in the morning. I'm greeted by the family dog. The birds are singing. The guinea hens are hard at work saving the plants from pests. It's an adventure looking under leaves for the perfect squash or berry. I've learned how to cook veggies I've never tried before. I'm learning how my food grows. It seems every week something new is available. This last week I learned how to dig up potatoes. It was amazing to see how they grow. There is also an outside 'sink' to wash the dirt off the veggies as well.

It's good for Earth, It's good for health, and I think it's good for the mind as well.

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Five Stars
By: Dawn Hanson    (Feb 16, 2009)

I highly recommend Harrison Market Gardens for a wide variety of fresh produce and berries. We enjoyed our summer of picking in a peaceful setting.

Because we did the picking, we came home with the produce we liked. We tried many new vegetables that became favorites. Nothing beats eating produce that you've just picked.

Harrison Market Gardens has two of the nicest owners you could imagine. They always made us feel so welcome. I looked forward to our picking day every week!

We definitely got our money's worth and the produce was much better than what you can find in the grocery stores.

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