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Very positive product and experience
By: Florence Iyeke    (Oct 21, 2014)

Because quail eggs are delicate and perishable, Turnbull Farms gave careful consideration to select the smartest day of the week to mail.The eggs can not languish in a mail distribution center, so take this into consideration when ordering. Mine were ordered on July 2nd and arrived in Mobile, Al. on July 9 where we have 98 degree heat by 11:00 AM most days. All the eggs were in tact and in good condition. I processed them for my recipe and they were perfect. I will definitely be ordering from you again.

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Not in stock...
By: Philip J Moreland    (Aug 28, 2014)

Well, to be fair, they were in stock but not shipping.

While I appreciate the farms desire to "protect" the eggs, and not ship them during "extreme heat", I believe that it was wrong to leave item on-line during said time, making me believe that my product would ship with no delays. Had I not e-mailed the farm a few days after placing my order I probably would still not have known any better. In my opinion, if you are not willing to ship a purchased item (whatever the reason) in short order, do not take peoples money! It is easy enough to change the status to "out of stock" or "temporarily unavailable due to weather" or a hundred other possibilities, which would allow the consumer to seek out other options. I ordered eggs from two sources within minutes of one another, within 12 hours I received my confirmation and intent to ship notification from the other source. Don't you think it would've been nice to send one out from your farm?

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Buyer Beware
By:    (Mar 13, 2014)

I ordered quail hatching eggs from this farm and never received them with expedited shipping. If you are going to advertise a product then you need to be able to provide what you advertise. Some may have had better results but I didn't. I had to cancel the order and order from a more reliable company.

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Zachary Turnbull says:    (Mar 19, 2014)

You were told the delivery estimate but just didn't want to wait and your order was canceled without issue. This seems pretty excessive...

great packing , poor hatching this year. :(
By:    (Apr 15, 2013)

Have had great success in the past with this company and these eggs for the past 4 years the hatch rate has been 12 - 17 eggs out of the 24 survive each year getting a few more survivors as I get better at care and maintenance and the adult birds are in good condition only two with turned toes or weak legs, with good feed the adult birds start laying eggs at about 12 weeks. Package arrived in good shape and spent very little time in transit, however upon removal form packing two of the eggs appeared moldy but I put them in the incubator anyhow just to see what would happen after setting in incubator for just the first two days two these eggs cracked so they were removed on day 17, 2 eggs hatched and on day 19 two more it is now day 23 and no other eggs have hatched this is the worst hatching yet. I admit this is the earliest I've ordered eggs so perhaps the birds didn't over winter well. For the price these are a good way to get to know your incubator and practice a bit before trying more difficult birds.. over all disappointing. ordered via amazon.

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love your hatching eggs
By:    (Mar 6, 2013)

This will be our 3rd year ordering hatching eggs and we have always had great results. The packing is first rate. Our first year 12 birds, the next 15, birds and last year 19 birds out of 24 eggs, even with a power outage! :) Our turkeys love the company and the quail keep the pens clean of insects.

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blown quail eggs
By: anita wasielewski    (Apr 21, 2012)

Thank you for the amazing gorgeous blown eggs. Packed with extra padding and prompt delivery! I will be recommending to my friends! AW

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Blown quail eggs
By: Vicki Thomas    (Jan 14, 2012)

Sweet, little quail eggs; perfect for displaying in a tall apothecary jar! Just placed an order for an additional two dozen. Arrived very well packaged with each egg in its' own egg compartment. I just love supporting my local farmer! V. Thomas Greenfield, IN

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arrived safely!
By: heather peterson    (Aug 28, 2011)

I ordered eggs from 4 different places at the same time. Yours were the only ones that arrived safely! Your double packing method kept the eggs safe even though the outer box was dented. They are also the only order to arrive without burst, rotten eggs. I was very dissappointed about the others, one hasn't bothered to e-mail me back and another doesn't want to refund. I was disheartened until yours arrived so thanks for renewing my faith in people and I am your faithful customer. Heather

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