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Fantastic CSA!
By: Jennan Sliman    (Jun 17, 2011)

I have been a member of this CSA for nearly a year now, and have been thrilled with everything. The baskets are bountiful and the vegetables and herbs themselves are consistently delicious. Uniquely among CSAs, the prices are more than reasonable -- my roommate was briefly a member of an East Austin CSA that charged twice the amount for comparable amounts of food. Being a member of this CSA has been easily the cheapest way to get local, organic produce, and the rates have been feasible for even myself, a university student. It's been wonderful to get such hefty baskets that it can be a struggle (a happy one) to eat it all before the next pick up!

NSG has all of the products (various, very high quality produce) one would expect from a much larger operation, with the huge benefit of actually being a relatively small CSA. Karla, the owner, is always there to talk to you and give you your basket during pick up, and has been extremely flexible in working with me and my ever-changing scheduling. She and all of the others involved in the running of the farm are extremely kind and helpful, and very willing to show you around and answer any questions. My experience has been very positive and I plan on staying a member as long as I'm in Austin.

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Disappointing first year
By: Marrie Petterson    (Jun 10, 2011)

I joined this CSA it's first year. The produce was sparse and definitely not up to my expectations. Hopefully, it was only because it was the first year and that things have improved since then.

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Karla Garcia says:    (Jun 16, 2011)

We are a small CSA and pride ourselves on knowing all of our members, and don't recall a member by this name. A search of our records confirmed that no one by this name has been a member of our CSA program. We assume that this comment was posted to the wrong CSA.

Top notch produce, top notch people
By: Reagen Ward    (Nov 8, 2009)

We were mildly concerned when we first signed up with Natural Springs Garden, as it was their first season and we didn't know what we were going to get for our investment. I'm happy to say that the produce has been of amazing quality and bountiful, Karla (the boss) is excellent at communication, and we are thrilled. Our weekly basket is delivered to my office 30 minutes before I head home, and the delivery is always on time.

They're new to the game, and in many ways it's obvious that they are - the website is still growing with new information such as recipes for the season's harvest and the like, but it's clearly behind some of the more established CSAs in the area. That said, we like what we see, we like the direction, and most of all, we love the food and the people behind it.

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