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Healthy GREEN, YELLOW, RED and even PURPLE things to eat !!
By: Sherry Child    (Mar 7, 2012)

My husband and I have many reasons for us to return to Abbey Hills Farm, year after year. Most important, is the abundant supply of high quality, just picked vegetables and eggs. Then there's the family-friendly atmosphere and informational e-mails. I've frozen and canned the extra. I am so spoiled; I've been known to start nagging Laura in February! We have been trying to eat raw food as much as possible; so, to be able to get the quantity and varieties without, "breaking the bank", is a major plus. You really get your moneys worth and more. The review from Maggie Jackson, (Mar. 5, 2012), said it all !! Your health is vital to your well-being and it's rare to have access to this amazing quality of food. Going to the farm is like Christmas every week. It's fun and you come home with BAGs full of healthy, yummy vegetables. We love Laura and her Abbey Hills Farm.

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Top 10 Reasons to join Abbe Hills Farm CSA
By: Maggie Jackson    (Mar 6, 2012)

10. The drive out to the farm has the power to bring peace to even the most stressful day.

9. If the drive does not do it, then then chickens, the kittens, Lucky (Laura's "guard" dog), and the children interacting with all of the above most certainly will.

8. Watching your teenager eat a kohlrabi for the first time and with a surprised look on his face stating, "This is awesome!"

7. Eggs. The real ones - with power-packed yolks produced by happy, roaming chickens (guarded by aforementioned Lucky.)

6. Simply wholesome, amazing food. Period. From the lettuces to radishes to eggplants to zucchini, to the squashes, beets and tomatoes, bok choy and kale, onions, potatoes and sweet corn and herbs to boot. You know it is real food because you see it growing in the field and it takes such a short journey to get into your hands.

5. Dirt. Yep, good old Iowa dirty sometimes accompanies our share home and that is just too cool. That dirt tells us our vegetables are straight from the earth.

4. A freezer full of vegetables. We've mastered the art of storing the extra food from our weekly share. There's nothing better than enjoying sweet corn and kale in the middle of winter and it tasting like it came out of the field today.

3. Learning from one another. Weekly share pick-up is far more than gathering your vegetables. The camaraderie of the families is remarkable and many a recipe, or two, have been shared in Laura's barn.

2. Laura Krouse. She knows her stuff and she will answer any and all questions. She loves food as much as we do and that makes the whole process incredibly fun. She communicates with all the shareholders with detailed and very witty weekly emails. And she consistently gives back to the community.

1. Food has the power to transform. Choose yours intentionally. We have and it has made all the difference.

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Fabulous Food, Best Ever eggs too!
By: Kelly Schoen    (Mar 5, 2012)

You can't get fresher than "picked today". You want greens you never heard of but taste great? You want greens you already know your kids will eat? You want food that is HEALTHY for your family? Abbe hills is the place to go! You get more than enough veggies each week and you can buy eggs too. Not your pale washed out yolks, these vibrant orange yolks look like they have enough energy to jump off your plate. Love the farm, love that the kids enjoy the farm. Thanks Laura for the past 2 superb seasons!

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Can't wait for the new season!
By: Kara Trebil    (Mar 11, 2010)

I started participating in Abbe Hill's CSA a year ago and after a couple of weeks, couldn't imagine NOT doing it. The vegetables were fantastic and going to the farm was a highlight of each week. Laura is great about keeping us informed on what she is working on around the farm. I love reading her e-mails/blog; I've learned so much from them!

The shares are quite large so as a single person, I decided to split one with another couple. That worked really well and I still had plenty to eat each week. I agree with the previous poster; I learned that meals don't always have to be centered on the meat or protein. I still love meat, but many of my meals last summer were vegetarian and based on the seasonal produce. It has been a great lifestyle change. I've been recommending this CSA to all of my friends!

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Great produce for a great price
By: Teeni Schellhorn    (Mar 4, 2010)

I have been a member of the Abbe Hills Farm CSA for the past two years. My family operates on a fairly strict food budget, and I found my CSA share to be the biggest bang for my food dollar anywhere. I have two voracious boys, and not only did we get enough vegetables in each weeks share for my family to consume, I was also able to put some by for winter. Having come from a farm, I loved the opportunity to go to the farm and pick up our share and see Laura's chickens and cats, and be able to see first hand the conscientious effort that goes into the food. I have sadly left the area (at least for the time being), but my wonderful experience with Abbe Hills has prompted me to find a CSA in my area. I hope I have as good of an experience with this one as I have with Abbe Hills Farm.

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Food for foodies
By: Megan Jones    (Mar 3, 2010)

I have been a member of Laura's CSA for the past 3 seasons. I initially joined because I love to cook, love good food, and was intrigued by the challenge of cooking veggies that I wouldn't think to buy at the store. My husband and I quickly became very spoiled by the wonderful produce and the first off season we experienced was torture- there is just no going back to store bought veggies after you eat fresh for almost half the year!! And I never would've guessed that I would start craving things like kale, swiss chard and beets!

In addition to the veggies being top notch in quality, we found that the quantity of veggies in the share each week was phenomenal- you really get a big bang for your buck. As the other reviewer said, I do NOT buy veggies during the season, save the occasional purchase at the farmer's market. And although my husband and I eat a lot of produce and Laura bases the share on how much a family can eat in a week, I still found that I could squirrel away some frozen, dried and canned veggies and herbs now and then to enjoy a delicious treat in winter.

And if delicious food at a cheap price wasn't enough for you, as a special bonus of being a part of Abbe Hills Farm CSA you know you are contributing to conscientious farming business. Laura is aware of the needs of the community and donates her "extras" to local food banks and shelters. She also takes great steps to be environmentally friendly in her farming methods and readily gives tours and talks for people of all ages on her practices. And of course- it's a lot of fun to be a CSA member, too! Farm tours, outdoor movies, playing with kittens and seeing chickens- what more could you ask for??

My husband and I are very satisfied customers and are drooling for the next season to start!

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Community minded and just plain fun!
By: Steve Hanken    (Nov 9, 2009)

Laura K, is a good hearted soul and infused with the spirit of community. When over abundence happens she is often in a sharing mood, and has donated much food to the hungry and poor of the area. Her latest gift of over abundance was spuds. Lots of people showed up to help in digging and picking up potatoes, literally thousands of pounds of potatoes found happy homes throughout the food networks of shelters, soup kitchens, and other places of need. Two thumbs up and a hardy Atta girl! go out to Laura and her happy chickens!

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Great Farm!!!
By: patty potter    (Apr 14, 2009)

I did the CSA last year for the first time and was just amazed at Abbe Hill's selection and quanity. I didn't buy any additional vegetables all summer and sure wished I'd known about it before! Just my husband and I were eating the vegetables and our grocery bill dropped waaay down; alot of nights we'd have no meat, just several vegetables. And I loved trying the recipes that were offered by email. I've been collecting recipes all winter for this next season.

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