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Couldn't Live Without my CSA Box from Beaver Creek Gardens
By:    (Jul 1, 2015)

This is my 2nd year receiving a box from Beaver Creek Gardens. The boxes are overstuffed of so many amazing fresh ingredients there were some veggies last year in my box that I had been afraid to try (like Brussel Sprouts) and they were so good I have become addicted. When the season ended last year it was a real shock to have to go back to the grocery store and buy my produce, nothing looked or tasted like what I got on the farm, I was looking forward to next season & getting my delicious box again from Beaver Creek Gardens.

On top of the amazing box of produce, Cheri also provides a beautiful digital weekly newsletter that contains information about the status of the farm, what to expect in the upcoming box, great recipes to try with what's in the box, and even what little pest have been stirring up problems.

Cheri does a great job of making you feel like family. She is always willing to anwser your questions (even about your garden at home) or even show you around the farm.

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One of the Best in the Area
By: Steve Ciech    (Aug 15, 2013)

I've been with Beaver Creek Gardens now into my second year. I must say that the variety, quality, volume, and freshness are unmatched in the area. I worked for many years in restaurants that would buy anything from a farmer that "walked in the back door." Being a member of this CSA keeps my farm to table past in the present. The quality of everything from basil picked that day to a giant zucchini log harvest hours before pick to currants and raspberries (Yeah, currants!!!) has been overwhelming. Not only do I not need to go to the produce department at the local chain grocery store anymore I really enjoy opening up the mystery box and adventuring through my kitchen. I feel as though its a minor investment that pays itself off ten fold being a member of the CSA. I'm very grateful to Cheri and her staff for all their hard work, time and effort. Undoubtably continued growth and bright things in your future. Keep up the great work, great farm and great times. -A member for Life

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Delicious and cost savings !
By: Debbie Bruesewitz    (Jul 30, 2013)

This is my first year subscribing at the Beaver Creek Gardens CSA. Besides the fresh organic delicious vegetables I have noticed a remarkable difference in my grocery bill each month. It dawned on me the other day that I only take in one bag to get groceries and I find myself only purchasing staples such as flour, sugar, coffee, yogurt and only needed to buy bananas and avocados in the produce aisle. So I have checked the budget spreadsheet and what I purchase in the grocery store has dropped by $200 a month. Also, have noticed that the eating out purchases have dropped because we prefer to make new dishes and recipes that Cheri includes in the newsletter.

It does seem like a lot to begin your subscription with the CSA but if you really think about what you spend in the grocery store for much poorer quality produce it really amounts to a savings.

I was very much surprised. I did not expect my grocery bill to drop that significantly. The taste of your food is another noticeable difference. It will be difficult to return to the produce aisle in the winter. That is an incentive to freeze or process any excess you have and can enjoy all winter long.

Well worth every dollar - and eggs - very difficult to go back to store bought eggs once you have tried these eggs from such happy chickens.

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First Time CSA
By: Josh Kennington    (Nov 6, 2012)

This was my first year of subscribing to a CSA. It was a great experience and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the produce. It was fresh and very rich in flavor. I also joined the the egg CSA and have a hard time eating store bought eggs now. These are amazing eggs!

Along with the great high quality produce, Cheri and Beaver Creek Gardens are amazing people and its been great getting to know and work with them. They even offer tips and classes on canning, pickling, and freezing extra produce you don't use. If you are currently looking to join a CSA I highly recommend giving Cheri a call and taking a serious look at Beaver Creek Gardens; you won't be disappointed!

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Beaver Creek Gardens
By: Cindy Bishop    (Jan 30, 2011)

I participated in a CSA for the first time last summer. I was pleasantly surprised by the quantity and quality of the produce I received. Cheri, the owner, was very pleasant and professional. The organic eggs are also wonderful. I plan to continue my subscription. Besides having locally grown, healthy, delicious produce, I am pleased to reduce the carbon footprint of my eating habits. I have a full freezer and pantry from last summer's bounty, and it is feeding me and my family year round, while enjoying a substantially reduced grocery bill. I would highly recommend BCG if you are considering a CSA experience.

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