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Capella CSA: Great Quality, Variety, and Quantity
By:    (Jun 3, 2013)

This will be our 4th year doing the summer and fall shares at Capella. We return each year because one good year's experience has been followed by an even better one the following year. Farmers Jennifer and Dave Kangas are committed to offering organic produce with lots of information for us about how they grow despite the challenges of weather and pest or disease possibilities. For those challenges, they use different varieties of each vegetable which I now understand is part of sustainability but as a consumer makes for a very exciting selection of produce. For example, there are weeks when we can choose among hot to mild peppers, maybe 10 varieties in one week. The heirloom tomatoes come in many colors and sizes, with taste that is out of this world! The greens, lettuces, and herbs are picked the day of pick up and are aromatic and beautiful. The garlic is wonderfully pungent and keeps for months, as do the root vegetables. I like being able to select the offerings each week as compared to a packed box, too, as then I know what is in the box. The fall share and Thanksgiving box will make your holiday memorable. The pie pumpkins are dense, not watery, and so sweet. Potatoes including fingerlings are great in fall stews and roasting. To conclude, Capella grows great food!

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<3 Capella Farm!
By: Ania Owczarczyk    (May 29, 2013)

I began my relationship with the farm Summer 2012 when I decided to try a CSA; I split with a friend of mine who had previously participated in Capella's summer share.

The variety and quantity of vegetables I received every other week was joyfully overwhelming. I found myself eating healthier all summer long, and experimenting more frequently in the kitchen. I was glad to have a chest freezer, as the quantity was so fruitful that freezing was necessary (I welcomed these frozen greens in the winter). When I still had too much to eat myself, my co-workers and friends were pleasantly surprised with raw and baked goodies.

My experience Summer 2012 was so positive that I convinced my friend to split a Fall share. This past Jan. Capella started a Heart of the Winter share, and I jumped on that as well (as it was an every other week pick up to begin with, I did not split this share). I only "took a break" from the Spring share because I was traveling too much and wanted to clear my freezer of summer veggies.

Regardless of the weather, the drive to and from the farm is extremely relaxing. I get excited like a child for Christmas Day as I approach the farm...what delicious vegetables will I take home today?

Lastly, Jennifer, her family, and everyone else you encounter working on the farm are extremely kind, thoughtful people. If you are not sure how to use a particular vegetable, visit the farm's site for recipes or ask Jennifer during pick up. Jennifer is extremely receptive to emails and phone calls, too.

You will not regret participating in a CSA, especially with Capella Farm.

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Great people great produce
By: Greta Barnard    (May 29, 2013)

My relationship with Capella Farm started in January when I signed up for the winter share. It was very affordable and I thought it would be a good experiment that wouldn't cost me very much if I decided it wasn't for me. But it is absolutely the best! I just wrapped up my first spring season and have signed up for summer. The variety of vegetables is great. They are mostly veggies that I already used in the kitchen, but once in a while there's something wonderful that I've never cooked with before. Their greens are always top notch quality, and I can't get enough of their carrots! Jennifer is always very interested in feedback, and checks in with members on a regular basis. I am so excited to see what summer and fall bring!

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Capella delivers year after year
By: Shannon Roznay    (May 29, 2013)

We love our summer share at Capella Farm (we split a full share with another couple). The variety is awesome, they are larger than other farm shares we've gotten in the past, and quality is very important to Jennifer and the others at the farm. We particularly love experiencing new veggies. It keeps healthy eating interesting! Highly recommend.

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Best part of Summer
By: Jennifer Murray    (May 29, 2013)

My family and I look forward to the Summer CSA each year. Each week is filled with new foods to try out. Jennifer and company are great to work with and are easy to just stop by the farm, pick up, and say hello. We enjoy the variety of vegetables we get each week and can't wait to see what comes next week. You won't regret working with Capella.

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Highlight of our week!
By: Rachel Bush    (May 2, 2012)

For many years my husband and I wanted to join a CSA. But with three kids 5 years old and younger we were a bit overwhelmed by the whole idea. But we did know that we wanted our kids to be able to "go to the farm" to pick up our food.

From the beginning Jennifer has been so very helpful. She responded quickly to my email for more information (many farms never returned my phone calls/emails). She always has suggestions for how to prepare the food. She has even held my youngest while I've packed up my share!

We joined Capella Farms in the summer of 2011, extended our share into the fall session, and are now planning to participate in the spring, summer and fall sessions this year.

One aspect that I love about Capella is the way they do distribution. I love that I "build my own box". By following the instructions on the white board I am able to bag my own food from the pre-labeled tables. This helps me to know what it is that I'm getting (rather than emptying a pre-packed box at home and wondering what the different leafy greens are!).

My kids love to come with me to pick up our share. There are goats to see, chickens to look at, and Jennifer's kids to run around with. All-in-all a great time!

But let's not forget about the food! Everything tastes so good and looks so beautiful. There have been times when I have clapped my hands in delight (rhubard, beets) and even brought a tear to my eye (some of the greens truly are beautiful!). I love the food and don't know if I could ever return to produce shopping at the grocery store!

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Wonderful CSA!
By: Amie Ritchie    (Mar 27, 2012)

I am a dietitian and when I looked for a CSA for my household I had a few requirements- variety in produce, hot peppers for DH, and plenty of fresh tomatoes and greens. This CSA has more than met our needs and Jennifer is always friendly and ready to help with ideas for how to prep some of the more varied produce. I have gotten ideas from her and elsewhere and its inspired me in my own food related blog, as well as modifying existing recipes to use some of that produce.

We are a household of 3 adults and a # of sugar gliders, and between our own eating, and canning, dehydrating and freezing for winter, we use most of the produce (I occasionally gift items to friends when I know we just won't get to them).

The gliders eat small amounts of produce daily, year round, so feeding them uses small amounts of many of the same items I feed us. Total- they eat maybe 1/2 a cup a day, but a lot of that is fruit. It's the one thing this CSA doesn't have a lot of, so I do buy that elsewhere, but there is some from the CSA as well.

We tend to do Summer and Fall sessions as those have more of what we eat. My husband and daughter aren't huge on greens, and I wind up dehydrating a lot of them if I am not going to eat them, so the spring session of mostly greens is not as important to OUR household.

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No Regrets
By: Kristen Boardman    (May 22, 2011)

My husband and I joined Capella Farm CSA in mid-August 2010. Before joining a CSA I had thought that it wasn't practical for a family of 2, we couldn't afford it and it wasn't convenient. As our values have undergone that subtle shift that occurs as you get older we decided to give it a try. We decided to eat more plant stuff, more organic and also more local. I discovered LocalHarvest and sent out emails to more than 25 CSAs in the area.

Enter Jennifer Kangas at Capella Farm. She responded to my email within a day telling me there was a spot available for Saturday pickup and it would cost such and such $. Perhaps because it was August and harvest was in full swing, hardly any other CSAs responded to my request. For those that did reply tit took 1-2 weeks to hear back or not at all. So that gets me around to the reasons we love Capella Farm CSA:

1. Great communication: Jennifer answers any questions/concerns you have at lightening speed and is very strong with the administrative side of a farm's workings. She is open and genuinely interested in all feedback. The farm's website is always updated with the latest, "What's in the box?" And she strives to provide recipe suggestions, especially for veggies that are unfamiliar to us. Like pan-fried okra. Who knew it could be as decadent as French fries?

2. Great location: Some prefer Farmer's Market pick up but we prefer going to the farm. Capella is MUCH closer to A2 than almost all other farms in the area. Plus have you tried to find a parking space at the Farmer's Market in the summer? Also, we don't hazard spending more $. Capella has 3 really sweet and friendly cats who sometimes emerge and it's just lovely to smell the gardens, see the chickens and goats, and just soak in the Zen of the outside during growing season.

3. And last but not least - Amazing variety/good quality: We enjoy the adventure of becoming acquainted with gourmet/heirloom varieties in addition to the staples. We visited another summer CSA in September last year and were generously given a sample that contained about half the variety compared to Capella. And WOW the flavors do not compare to grocery store equivalents. Her egg yolks are vibrant orange and oh so flavorful. Eggs are extra $ and upon availability but we are able to purchase on most days. You also get lots of fresh herbs, lots of fresh flowers. Often, there is also a table of 'seconds' you can help yourself to if you want even more. And if we are last to pick up there is always enough bounty, we are never left feeling like the options are picked over. And if a full share is too much abundance for you Jennifer will help match you with someone else for a 1/2 share.

I also have to mention the value-added activites we get such as using less petroleum, supporting local economy, and gaining a sense of comminity. Oh, and I heard a Sand Hill Crane the other day!

Thank you Capella Farm!

Sincerely and gratefully, Kristen Boardman

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