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Raw Milk is the Only Milk My Family Will Drink From Now On
By: Dahlys Hamilton    (Aug 25, 2009)

This milk is phenomenal. I did a lot of research on pasteurized and homogenized milk; I was appalled! Youtube has a lot of great videos on the benefits of raw milk if you want to check it out for yourself. Just put "raw milk" into the search and take a look. I especially liked the video by Dr. Alim--very enlightening. I was so impressed by the benefits of raw milk that I am considering starting a co-op in Gwinnett County, GA, since we have to go to South Carolina to pick it up. It is not legal to sell or buy it in Georgia.

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Gretchen Hollingsworth says:    (May 24, 2010)

Hi! I'm in Barrow County, and I've been trying to find the closest place to obtain raw milk. How often do you travel to SC to get it? Email me if you'd like: