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Farmer Bill's Superganics are SuperGood
By: Brian Root    (Mar 3, 2009)

I went by Farmer Bill's farm last Saturday to see what Bill had to offer. Not expecting to find anything too exciting here in Pensacola, Wow, was I Superised. Kale as big as a Whale and Green as The Giant. Mustard Greens as delicate as a flower and spicy as The Tower of Power. I chatted with Bill for a long time and found out he has been growing Bidodynamically for eight years on his present farm. That's a lot of rich, healthy soil. And the Vegetables bear that out. I signed up right away for $10 a year, so I could have these highly nutritious, tasty, and fresh greens on my kitchen table all week long. He is right now planting his Spring crop and, boy, am I looking forward to his next beauties popping up fast. Give Bill a call, or go to his website, so that you can go by his Superganic Farm and Get Fresh. You'll love it. I sure am.

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Joshua Leach says:    (May 26, 2009)

I have personally talked to Mr. Resmondo about his cultural practices. I don't want to rain on anyones parade, but he is not using biodynamic practices. Bill does seem to lean closer to orgainc practices. He is very in tune with what to grow and when.

Brian Root says:    (Oct 25, 2011)

Farmer Bill does grow Biodynamically...he is just not Certified Biodynamic. He is, however, Certified Naturally Grown. You can find his listing, and the requirements to be Certified Naturally Grown at Please Support your Local Farmer!