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I am so appalled by the way the owner handled my complaint
By: Erica Antic    (Aug 4, 2014)

I was looking at Facebook events and a Farmer's Market hosted by Duran's Farm popped up. The photo for the event showed their property with dozens of tents and vendors. Great! So I went.

My husband & I arrived shortly after the advertised start time of noon, and took a tour of the store by 12:30 there were no vendors, no nothing. We sat and waited. No one came so we left. When I posted that to the event, vendors/friends of the owners mounted a campaign that I was a liar and that I could **** off.

I sent the farm a message with my complaint & alerting them to the vendors comments. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt that anyone seeing the FB event might not know it's a "new" or "grassroots" effort as they claim it is. That maybe they should change their ad.

The owner messaged back saying, quote: "The market is only in it's 5th week of operation and if you do not have the level of patience it takes to understand that, perhaps you will be best served elsewhere."


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Blaine & Karen Duran says:    (Aug 23, 2014)

Miss Erica incorrectly quoted several things. She did post her comments and I responded with an apology and explanation that yes, this was only our 5th week of hosting the event. Any customer of mine will tell you that I would not tolerate the language she says was used, let alone speak those words myself. As far as a 'campaign' against her--I know nothing of this. I offer the space here for free. Vendors interact with customers on their own terms. I thanked Erica for her comments and suggestions, I changed the picture I was using for the market to a more realistic one, not the one we are working towards. The last part where Miss Erica quotes me is accurate, but she is obviously interpreting it in a nasty way, which is not at all correct. I stand by the reply that since we had only hosted this for 5 weeks, a great deal of patience will be needed to see it grow into a community event. If she does not have that patience, she would probably be better served at a more established market. I meant that in no negative or rude way. A simple fact that I was not going to be able to please her, since we are still growing. If she's looking for dozens of vendors, we're not there yet.

Erica Antic says:    (Dec 24, 2014)

Well your vendors/friends of vendors comments are an your even to view unless you've deleted them. In any case I have screen caps and can prove such language took place. I was told everything from **** off to "go shop at walmart if I'm so retarded". I understand that you are offering space for free. If you do not understand the concept that vendors on your front lawn can reflect on you one way or another, you're missing the point of my complaint. You're responsible for your own company and it's social media. If you allow people to make those comments and continue to use your free space, you condone the action. Personally I feel that this user is inept at social media and doesn't understand where to look or how to manage it. Perhaps you feel you're doing a good job and I'm just really the bad guy here. Your tone and referring to me as "Miss Erica" speaks volumes about your unprofessionalism. You either chose not to look at the conversation your vendors started, or you're trying to cover your behind on this one. People can certainly read those comments for themselves.

The Best!
By: linda soto    (Feb 14, 2013)

Miss Karen & Miss Laurie are the best! They make you smile as soon as you walk in the door. Their local produce, milk & meats are delicious as well as the many other goodies that they have. Not finding what you are looking for, just ask Miss Karen. She goes the extra mile to try to find what you need. Homemade soups on Saturdays, samples on Fridays, crafts from local artisans and much more. You have to go there!

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Awesome find!
By: Karen Hein    (Jan 26, 2011)

I just found Duran Farms after searching the Erie area for pasture fed animals and organic food. I am so skeptical about the food presented in the grocery stores being wholesome; comming from a beef/pig/vegetable farm growing up we never wondered about the quality of what we ate because we produced it all. Moving away from the farm I started to question what I was consuming, and now pleased to say that I am able to trust that the food we eat is good for us again. I am a big believer in buying local whenever possible, and the people here are so helpful and friendly, so this is an awesome find!

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Blaine & Karen Duran says:    (Jan 31, 2011)

Thank you SO much for the nice comments. We love what we do and are glad to share with our community.

Ummmmm!!! Raw Milk
By: David Milk    (Dec 20, 2009)

I could hardly believe it. I had been searching the Erie, PA area for raw milk and just couldn't find any place that sold it. Then I came across these fine folks. I was slightly apprehensive as to whether or not I would like raw milk since I have been drinking the dead stuff for 50 years. Much to my delight I found that I love raw milk. It has such a good taste and is so much better for us than the pasteurized and homogenized milk sold at the grocery store. It feels like I'm going back to my Grandparents home and sitting in the kitchen with them enjoying the milk they used to serve.

Give them a call or send them an e-mail. They will be more than happy to help you. And, please believe me, they can provide the best milk on earth.

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Wonderful, simply wonderful!
By: Wynonah Bates    (Nov 19, 2009)

A more recent client/customer, the service is wonderful, and I know it will be a long-time relationship. I look forward to their full-service store opening in the spring/summer of 2010! If you're local, this is a great place to get eggs, RAW whole milk (and other milk, but the raw is divine!), and fresh pork/beef on the hoof, not to mention fresh-from-the-garden veggies during the summer months!

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Has all I want!
By: V and Q Dunsworth    (Nov 17, 2009)

We hope this farm is always in business so that I will never have to buy commercial meat/eggs/veggies that are heavily loaded with chemicals.

What I love about this farm: 1. Quality goods (veggies, flowers, eggs, milk, meat, bakery). All home-grown or home-made, worry free. 2. Very reasonable price. 3. They are local, carbon foot prints are minimum. 4. Good people with good values. By reusing the plastic bags, containers, even the give-away clothing items, I don't know how much wastes have been saved from going into landfill. Good people with good values should stay in business.

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The Best!
By: Camille McConnell    (Nov 17, 2009)

I was so happy when we discovered Duran's. A family member had been driving to Pot o Gold dairy for months picking up raw milk for everyone and then they stopped. I was really sad and then I was told about Duran's. I was so excited that not only could I get that wonderful milk there, but also the best tasting eggs I have ever had! I am so excited about them opening a store in the spring and will definitely be a loyal shopper.

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A diamond in the rough...
By: Jessica Brower    (Nov 17, 2009)

As a born and bred city girl, I often found it difficult to find locally grown and produced products without some serious digging. I have since moved to the "country" with my fiance and our two daughters with high hopes of making friends with local farmers and producers to feed my locavore diet. While out on a girl scout outing with my daughter, a mother of another girl shared Karen Duran's name and phone number, saying that the milk that they sell from Pot O'gold Dairy is fantastic and gives her the piece of mind that comes with feeding her family the best local food that money can buy. I called right away and am now in dairy heaven. Duran's website is easy to navigate and the stand is conveniently located and makes it easy to arrange milk pick-up. I am anxious to try some of the other products that they offer!! Thanks Duran's for giving us the chance to provide our families with the good stuff!! :)

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