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By: Heather Hosford    (Dec 7, 2010)

I had seen the sheepskins at the Meridian Farmers Market but didn't purchase that day. Then my job schedule changed and I couldn't make it out to the market. I called up Judi and she was extremely helpful. I went out to the farm and she at least a dozen sheepskins for me to choose from! I was so impressed that I purchased two. The quality is incredible and the price was amazing. I highly recommend them to anyone. I will now have two very nice sheepskins for my little one's nursery that are local and naturally tanned.

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Woo hoo for those lovely lambs!
By: Rebecca Titus    (Apr 14, 2009)

Fantastic products!

Judi is also great at explaining how I can cook different cuts of meat and is always there to answer my strange questions. The brats are perhaps my favorite though... well seasoned and moist with NO strange tastes or unnecessary salinity- which has ultimately turned me off to store bought "prepared" meats.

My 10 year old lab also loves the lamb dog treats and our vet actually recommended Hannewald's products.

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Fantastic Products - Great Vendor!
By: Marjorie Johns    (Mar 11, 2009)

I've enjoyed Hannewald Lamb for several years. I even take a supply down to Indiana for my folks whenever I visit. I've lined a couple rocking chairs with the hides to keep warm over the winter. And best of all Judi is a great vendor. She always has a smile. She treats her customers with respect and patience and is very good at explaining how her product is raised and how it should be prepared. I'm always learning something new. It's also probably the only place you can get lamb brats and summer sausage and they are great! Marjorie Johns

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