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Canning Done Right and Made Easy
By: Joy Larson    (Jun 21, 2010)

Just attended Thornbury Farm's class on canning. We did Bread and Butter Pickles and Dilly Beans. It was a great and delicious experience! The instructor was very informative and helpful. Best of all it is "hands on" so we got to really learn how to do everything and yet we had an expert guiding us,

If you love to cook and enjoy the best of organic products, do yourself a favor and take some of Thornbury Farm's classes.

The one on ghosts is alot of fun, too, and very intersting.

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Impressive and delicious
By: Joy Larson    (Jan 6, 2010)

We are, once again, definitely becoming a member of this CSA.

The produce is raised according to strict and high standards without pecticides and harmful sprays. It is fresh. local. delicious, and alot easier than doing the work yourself.

Naturally, any local grower is subject to weather and growing conditions of that season. However, that is part of the fun because when a bumper crop comes in you get the benefit. Looking forward to the bread making class. The quality of the instructors at Thornbury has been top notch. Also appreciate the local PA maple syrup, honey, soaps,and apple butter. I hope that Thornbury will offer more local products. It is so much more pleasant than going to a big, indifferent commercial chain store.

Happy Organic New Year!!!

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Thornbury Farm is a great CSA!
By: Rosa Lawler    (Oct 23, 2009)

I have been a memeber of several CSA's in chester county over the past several years and think that Thornbury Farm is a very good CSA. Randell is a very positive and honest person and has openly discussed the unfortuniate problems with the dear this past year that rouiend many crops even with his six foot electric fences. No organic farm can out run a tomato blite. Unless of course members don't mind pesticides which Thornbury Farm would never use! I am very pleased with Thornbury Farm and the efforts put into making up for the damaged and lost crops over the past year. I understand the problems that the farm experiencd last year are being addressed as well as increased production for 2010. I think it is a disgrace to damage the reputation of such a wonderful family owned farm that has sincere, genuine intentions.

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Very Disppointed
By: Another Member    (Oct 22, 2009)

I have to agree with the reviewer who complained about the poor advertising. I did a lot of research online via the web before I chose Thornbury. Their website was nicely done and very compelling. Little did I know that they were brand new. No one told me, even Laura (I think that was her name) who used to work there. I had multiple discussions with her and she was so very nice. But she never told me what to expect (or not to expect). Perhaps in 5-10 years this will be a competitive CSA. That's OK for those who want to take the risk and wait it out. But this should be explained to them in advance. They must not be mislead as many of us were. Give the member the opportunity to make an informed choice.

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Terrific Thornbury
By: Joy Larson    (Oct 21, 2009)

It is wonderful to have an historic neighboring farm lovingly preserved and to be the source of fresh, delicious local produce..

it is undestandable that a CSA cannot always have the quantity and the variety of a big chain supermarket. Its purpose is to bring to the community first quality, organic, healthful choices. Thornbury does just that!.

Thornbury has worked hard to maintain high standards and has successfully given the community a source for great vegetables, fruit, and now fun and interesting classes. The class on making the apples preserves was very professional and we all had a great time! Yummy!

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CSA Membership
By: Lee Murphy    (Oct 21, 2009)

I'm having fun this year at Thornbury Farm! I especially like seeing the crops in the fields, visiting the barn, interacting with staff & neighbors, and picking my produce.

I am happy to have Thornbury Farm nearby , and proud to support it and Chester County farming. (Love the goats too!)

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Terrible CSA
By: Name Withheld    (Oct 19, 2009)

Thornbury Farms does not deliver as promised. They don't even come close. Customer service is horrible as is the produce. Do yourself a big favor and join a reputable CSA.

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Randell Spackman says:    (Oct 21, 2009)

Looking forward to next year! Some expect to top of the mountain and will pay only for the hills. No matter what you do some people they cannot be pleased and have been remvoed from other CSA's for causing trouble. We have a good program and many happy paople that have already sent in deposits for next year. The Facts to not add up, Some pople must be having a very bad day and little extra time. We have population numbers of very Postive . we could not make this person happy, no matter what we tried. We have the written copies for all to see of how we went to try to do to please this one person. They do not understand the sprit of a CSA and will not most likely be happy with any CSA. Contact us for more inforamtion... Thank You We will show all

Terrible CSA - Absolutley the worst!
By: Thornbury CSA Member    (Oct 18, 2009)

If I could give Thornbury Farms zero (0) stars I would. Thornbury Farms falsely advertises their CSA. They promise upwards of 40 vegetables, but have delivered just a few. The produce is consistently extremely tiny (e.g. eggplant the size of a tennis ball and 2 inch carrots), Much (but certainly not all) of the produce is put out rotten. If you arrive late in the day, you get leftovers. However, the worst thing about them is their customer service. It is non-existent. Once they collect your money (in advance), they couldn't care less about you. They don't bother to communicate with their shareholders except for once a week when they send an email that states the same thing, "We hope you are enjoying your lovely vegetables". The problem is, there are no vegetables to speak of. Each week my pickup can fit into a lunch bag. A typical pickup includes 1 banana pepper, 1 dwarf eggplant, 3 oz. of rubbery spinach, 1 squash, 1 sprig of wilted parsley, and 4 ears of corn. During peak season you might get 4 or 5 bell peppers the size of a tennis ball and several squash. From September forward, I picked up my produce then drove immediately to another farm to purchase produce for the upcoming week. After spending about $35 per week for Thornbury which is the approximate share cost, I would have to go elsewhere for broccoli, peppers, onions, lettuce, and pretty much everything else and spend another $30. They never email to explain why the produce is so poor. Instead, they pretend that you are getting an abundance of the best produce on earth. They are in complete denial, and they just don't care about you as a customer. The first time I emailed them to ask what is happening, I received a reply several days later that thanked me for my interest in the 2010 season. Several weeks later when I emailed again to get some answers, they replied that they can't please everyone! Stay far away from this farm or you will regret it. There are many other CSAs in the area that produce an abundance of top quality organic produce. CSAs that genuinely care about you, the customer who is helping to fund them.

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Randell Spackman says:    (Oct 21, 2009)

This man requested his season for free, and would be fine if he got that! - The ONLY member EVER to try this. It is a shame that he started in July and missed much of the Great produce and is missing some Great crops now for our fall season. ( Cabbage, Beets, Turnips, Salad Greens Tec.) Organic Farming is a careful science and crops rotations mean that not every crop is in season every time every week. Part of a CSA is to educate the public. Our weekly emails showed and explained what crops are coming next this some useful ways to us the crops. Everything is picked that morning by our Amish farmer. They also explained the Tomatoes Blite that hit the East Coast this year. Our current membership is enjoying many classes that we offer and have told us how happy they are to send in deposits for our 2010 season. Comments like these sadden us because they are not fair and not professional or helpful in anyway but to try to hurt. We have multiple emails and other items showing how we try to work with our members. We look to our members, as a big family and we see our members at the store and local events. It is great to see and meet so many wonderful people. Thank you for your time and contact us with any questions and we can give you the details

Stephanie Malloy says:    (Oct 21, 2009)

I am also a member of Thornbury Farm CSA...I do not agree with this comment. I feel that I did not expect too many vegetables each week as this is the first year for this CSA. What was put out each week was far beyond expected. A friend of mine belongs to a nearby CSA that is in its 2nd year and recieved half of the produce I received each week, she has joined Thornbury for the 2010 season. I'm also not sure where this person put their vegetables for them to be rotten by the time they got home, I never had an issue with freshness. As far as customer sevice I am also very confused as to what this person was talking about. There is a large pickup window from 12 to 6, but sometimes I was just unable to get there at those times, there was always someone willing to meet me over there whenever was convenient for me to pick up. They really do make it feel like a close community and do not deserve a bad review from someone who isn't even willing to post their name...shame on you name witheld, Thornbury deserves every star they get.

Thornbury CSA Member says:    (Oct 22, 2009)

Randell - Finally, finally, finally you personally reply to a comment. For once you didn't send Marylisa to do your PR work for you. I challenge you to refute any FACT stated in my review. What you wrote is your opinion. The FACT is there are no turnips or salad greens, nor were there EVER. The FACT is your eggplant was the size of a tennis ball; the FACT is the 1 cantaloupe available when I picked up was completely rotten; the FACT is your carrots were 1.5 inches long (I measured them); the FACT is many of my banana peppers were rotten in the basket; the FACT is Maylisa said broccoli would be available 4 weeks ago and it still is not; the FACT is NOWHERE ON YOUR WEBSITE DO YOU DISCLOSE THAT YOU ARE A NEW CSA; the FACT is no one ever answers the phone when I call; the FACT is you haven't had the decency to answer emails with HONEST answers. ALL I ASKED FOR WAS A LITTLE HONESTY AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT WHICH YOU FAILED TO PROVIDE OR EVEN ADDRESS. I am a vegetarian and only eat organic food. I would have gladly made a donation to your farm had I known you were a startup. Instead, this FACT was never disclosed. Please read your own website, and for the sake of other potential customers be honest and disclose that you are a startup and as such you cannot produce as much as an established CSA. JUST BE OPEN AND HONEST. IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK?