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Hog Heaven
By: Bart Bunce    (Apr 29, 2013)

I contacted Local Harvest to find a local farmer that was raising farm fresh hogs and found the Swain Family Farm with the help of Local Harvest representatives.

Stephanie is honest, helpful, answered all my questions and communicated with me often.

In the end, I received a wonderfully harvested hog and the best part is, IT TASTES EXCELLENT!. I explained to her that most of the hog was going to salting/curing such as for Speck, Culatello, smoked bacon and prosciutto. Most of the pork is on salt but I cut one loin in thirds, infused with cold smoked hickory sea salt and seasonings then slow cooked. That loin meat is some of the best I have tasted, beautiful.

I want to thank the guys at Local Harvest for assistance finding Swain Farms, the butchers in Petaluma and Stephanie for a fantastic slice of hog heaven. Great job.


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Best tasting Heritage Turkeys we have ever eaten
By: Erik Klee    (Jan 6, 2013)

Swain Farm has the best tasting Heritage Turkeys we have ever eaten. My friends and I have been buying Heritage Turkeys for the last ten years. For Thanksgiving 2011 and 2012 we bought two each of Swain's Bourbon and Bronze hen Heritage Turkeys of about 12 lbs in weight. The hens we bought in 2011 were so good, we booked two more in 2012. Amazingly - these were even better! Outstanding flavor and so tender. Please note - these heritage cook very quickly so be careful not to over-cook.

Also bought two of their Maran Chickens. Again firm flesh and outstanding flavor.

Give a very high recommendation for Swain Farms produce and products

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