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Stewardship at Starline
By: F Travis Milliken    (Apr 6, 2012)

Angie & Matt Starline are my stellar example of true stewardship. I've lived in the Amish country of Pennsylvania and I've seen what motivated and determined farmers can create--truly earth-friendly, people-centered products. And I have witnessed the care and sweat that makes Starline Organics a blessing to Athens County (and beyond). They have established a firm foundation of healthy living and sharing it with us. I urge all of us to support them in their journey. Know this: I didn't eat breakfast cereal for years until I tried spelt. Whooosh! Hooked and glad of it. I have a double finger-full of sorghum syrup straight from the bottle and it's a tasty energy boost. Another Whooosh! Mega-thanks to the Starline's and I wish them clear skies--but all the rain they need--for years to come. Travis

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great products
By: Dan Dunne    (Mar 12, 2012)

Really enjoyed the spelt donut and spelt maple crunch! Great on Greek yogurt! Will definitely buy more products from these truly outstanding people.

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Starline Organics are the SALT OF THE EARTH!!!
By: Sam Ische    (Jun 2, 2010)

These are just some of the adjectives that describe Matt and Angie: Kind, genuine, caring, dedicated, hard - working, etc, etc, etc. The products that they sell match every aspect of their lives. They are connected to the soil, and dedicated to providing quality food for the community. Our family has been blessed by Starline Organics in so many ways over the past year that I have been shopping at the Athens Farmers Market!

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Great folks, great products!
By: Bob Fedyski    (May 3, 2010)

I've had the very great pleasure to work with these folks, and am very impressed by their product, dedication, and hard work. They are the future of farming that we need to embrace.

Look for their smiling faces at the Athens Farmers' Market, and Parkersburg WV. Farmers' Market.

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