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Fantastic CSA
By: Fern Rutberg    (Jan 9, 2011)

Absolutely recommend this CSA! Gail and John are lovely, wonderful people who provided delicious, fresh crops all season long. From a wide variety of greens to squash, corn, onions, brussel sprouts, herbs, potatoes, berries and more, I was thrilled with my share each and every week. In fact, there were weeks that I had too much and couldn't finish it all before picking up a new share. Not only did we enjoy delicious vegetables that tasted even better since they were harvested THAT MORNING, I learned about new vegetables that I loved - never had kholrabi or mustard greens before and can't wait to get them again! I am so happy to support the local farmers while receiving fresh, naturally-grown vegetables and fruit every week. I can't rave about Palovchak's enough and can't wait for the next season to start! Thanks Gail and John!

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Always a pleasant surprise
By: Terri Napier    (Dec 28, 2010)

From cheddar broccoli to popcorn, there was always something exciting awaiting our weekely visits to the farm. This was our first expeience with a CSA and it couldn't have been more friendly and positive. The produce was amazingly fresh and so clean. We got to try many vegetables that were new to us and it was fun experimenting. Helpful advise was always on hand. Looking forward to Spring.

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Awaiting next year already
By: Allie Barnhart    (Dec 14, 2010)

My husband and I were truly impressed with the variety, quantity, and most importantly, the quality of fresh produce that came from Gail and John's farm this year. As a previous reviewer noted, I learned about veggies I never heard of and learned how to cook them. We experienced some of the most exciting soups this fall including butternut squash, cauliflower blue cheese, and potato leak. Gail's mom, another friendly face at the farm, told me to check out the potato soup, and she was right: it was wonderful! We found this and many other great recipes in a book John recommended called From Asparagus to Zucchini. I credit this CSA experience with my husband actually calling me a cook. My husband's favorites were the squash and brussel sprouts, and mine were the arugula and sweet potatoes. Both of us wowed our family and friends with popcorn right from the cob. My 14-month old son ate lots of veggies including the carrots, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach and on and on. Yes, we saved lots of money going the CSA route with Palvochak's, but even more valuable to us was the health benefit--you just can't beat the full-flavored, nutrient-rich, local produce we enjoyed so much this year. We are looking forward to many fall and winter harvests ahead. Thanks John and Gail for all your hard work!

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By: Jane Stinson    (Dec 13, 2010)

As a Holistic Health Counselor & Massage Therapist, I am always on the lookout for organic and locally grown produce. I was so happy to find such a treasure as the Palovchak's so close to home. Gail, John and Yvonne, Gail's Mom, are always so very helpful and have great energy. The quality of the fruits and vegetables is superior. It is so wonderful to eat fresh, organic veggies and fruits and not have to worry about how long there were sitting on the shelf in the supermarket or how long they were in transit.

I have a half share which is a huge amount of food. I promise you will be very happy with their produce and come back for more!

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By: donna grezlak    (Dec 10, 2010)

I grew up on a farm,so to be part of this farm was wonderful.The fruits and vegetables very fresh-just picked.It was such fun to plan meals around the farm's produce for the week.I also tried many new items.The owners were very helpful with recipe suggestions,and even the customers shared ideas. I look forward to next year.As a full share,I was able to share with my children.And extra could always be purchased.

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HIGHLY recommended!!
By: Eric Crouthamel    (Dec 5, 2010)

My wife and I had been previously purchasing organic fruit & vegetables from the local grocery market at a very expensive price, and after speaking with a co-worker we decided to check into the option of CSA. With the CSA we get significantly more than we would have received at the grocery store, and the quality is much better. It also gives you the opportunity to try food that you would most likely never think of buying in the store. It has truly been a win/win for us.

Palovchak's Produce is a top notch farm. The food is always so fresh and tasty, and John and Gail are always so helpful, and great to deal with. I can't stress how please I have been with the experience.

I have recommended the CSA to all of my friends and family. If you are on the fence, I suggest that everyone trying a 1/2 share and if you are like me, you will wonder how you lived without it.

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Friendly, Full of Tips, and...the Produce Rocks!
By: Caitlin Domanico    (Nov 19, 2010)

I have debated joining a CSA for a few years now and when I saw Gail and John's six-week extension listed on Local Harvest, I decided this was the chance I needed to take a trial run in the world of CSAs. Week one was excited and a little overwhelming, but I was able to email Gail for clarification on two of the items I had received. She responded promptly with the names and links to webpages about them! Each pick up has been so pleasant- kind, informative, and they seem so proud and happy that people are LOVING their delicious produce. My 18-month-old has a varied pallatte, much better than I ever did as a kid, but we are all learning together. Never did I think I or my husband would eat brussels sprouts, beets, or rutabaga (let alone LOVE them!), nor did I know what bok choy, escarole, or daikon radishes were....but I can now recognize them AND I know several ways to cook them!!!!

Thank you, John and Gail, you guys are the best!

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Bucks County Herald
By: kirk murphy    (Oct 4, 2010)

What a wonderful article about Palovchak's Produce was written in the Bucks County Herald 9/30/2010 edition (page 20). To read that you " John" has been growing a garden since the age of 5 is most impressive. Evidently, your many years of growing has lead to the best tasting produce that I have ever tasted. I thank you for providing your produce to the community and wish you the very best in the future with a job well done.

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