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Bucks County Herald
By: kirk murphy    (Oct 4, 2010)

What a wonderful article about Palovchak's Produce was written in the Bucks County Herald 9/30/2010 edition (page 20). To read that you " John" has been growing a garden since the age of 5 is most impressive. Evidently, your many years of growing has lead to the best tasting produce that I have ever tasted. I thank you for providing your produce to the community and wish you the very best in the future with a job well done.

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Great Produce
By: Heather Page    (Oct 3, 2010)

I found out about CSA's a little late in the game last season but that is how I found the Palovchak's. Although it was process of elimination in 2009 because all other farms were already sold out of shares I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with John and Gail. I was never disappointed with the taste of the weeks bounty. 2010 I did have the opportunity to join another CSA after being cleared from a wait list but chose to stay with the Palovchak's. My friend decided to join also so we are splitting a full share which is more than enough for our families. It is the best investment one can make in your community and reap such great rewards. I have experimented with many foods I never was really that fond of and eat a whole lot healthier now that I am getting fresh foods weekly. Watching how John and Gail have grown their farm has been great. In addition next year I will plan my weekly menu better using the produce from the farm -- it has been a learning experience on how to cook everything in a timely fashion but for the food is so fresh it lasts so much longer than when you buy from the grocery store. You will not be disappointed John and Gail are friendly people. This farm is like having your very own farm with none of the work! Thanks John for all those hours you put in out in the field so I can eat so good!

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Farm Fresh Produce
By: kirk murphy    (Jan 28, 2010)

Nothing beats the taste of fresh produce, especially when the produce is grown naturally without chemicals or sprays. The red and black berries at Palovchak's Produce were supreme as compared to the local grocery store berries. The black berries were the size of golf balls and absolutely melted in your mouth with a sweet taste of sugar. 2009 was our 1st year with Palovchak's Produce and we look forwarf to the 2010 growing season.

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