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The best milk I've ever had...
By: John Fowler    (Jan 3, 2010)

My wife and I have been drinking Chisholm Family Farm milk for about six months now. We love visiting the farm, talking with Laura and Andy, getting to meet the cows and see the other beautiful livestock. The cows are all Jersey and are entirely grass-fed, with organic hay in the winter, no hormones or chemicals (of course) and are humanely raised. I'm not a farmer so maybe this is normal, but they are very sweet cows - they're really beautiful animals... Tasting the changes in the milk as the seasons have changed has been fun - I didn't think I'd be able to, but it really does change with the grass. The milk is great - super fresh and deliciously rich - but the cheese and yogurt we've made at home with their milk is phenomenal. I'll say it again - phenomenal (I wanted to use all caps, but figured that wouldn't be cool...). Laura and Andy - thanks for your work and your passion and thank you for the incredible, delicious, healthy milk!

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