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Best shrimp I ever ate !!!!!
By: Daniel Carter    (Dec 14, 2011)

When I ordered these shrimp,I thought maybe these will taste like what I think shrimp should taste like. I am 65 years old,and love seafood,so I have eaten a lot of them in my lifetime. I have had some fantastic tasteing one while dining at the more upscale resturants,but never could find any at supermarkets or seafood stores that compared to those. Well,I ordered some of your shrimp,and they arrived quickly,and were very well packed. when these arrived,I couldn't help but steam some up to try. Let me tell you,I thought I had died and went to heaven!!!!. My wife and I ate the whole bag that I cooked,and almost decided to cook some more right away,but cooler heads prevailed,and we are trying to save the rest for the rest of the family for Xmas dinner,but I have a feeling that these will also be devoured before Xmas.I will be ordering more in the next day or so to stock up,because it looks like they are only in season for a short time,and I don't want to miss out on this great taste. I am telling you that they are the sweetest most tender shrimp that I have ever tasted in my life. Believe me,I am not trying to suck up to you,but,as the old saying goes,"if it's true,it aint bragging".These are without a doubt the best shrimp that I and my wife have ever tasted. Thank you,thankyou,thank you. As of right now,I really have to restrain myself from cooking the rest of my order and making a pig of myself.5 stars is not nearly enough for this product..They taste like,but better than lobster. Dan Carter

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Cinthia Sandoval says:    (Apr 26, 2012)

Thank you so much!!!! I didn't realize you wrote that comment until now and we are so happy you enjoy our shrimp. I will be updating our inventory soon so you will see a lot more shrimp coming from us in the near future. Thanks again!!!

Trigger Fish
By: Richard and Diane Kann and family    (Feb 10, 2010)

They had me try a trigger fish. They warned me that the skin would cut like leather but the inside would be like butter. They were right. It was the BEST tasting fish I have ever had! The rock shrimp and steamer clans (ipswich) were fantastic too!

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Shrimp Problems
By: Kerry Weeman    (Feb 9, 2010)

Usually I find this market to be really good. However, I purchased some shrimp and after cooking them, they were impossible to peel. The shells stuck to the meat. I purchased them the next time, same thing. I returned them to the store and they offered a store credit. They said that they had had some problems with the processing on their boats. Well, I bought some the next time I was there (a month or so later) and the same thing happened again. I returned them and I now will probably not be buying shrimp from them again. And yes, Florida native, seafood cooker and eater, I know how to cook shrimp.

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By: fish bonez    (Jan 28, 2010)

you all have the best rock shrimp in brevard county, you guys rock(no pun intended) seriously, I love this place when I want fresh seafood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Florida Gem!
By: Jeremy Michael    (Jan 27, 2010)

Living in Titusville, I've often found it difficult to find local foods. Wild Ocean Seafood has been a wonderful find for me! Located in an abandon strip mall, the old grocery store building has been beautified with hand-painted murals of the sea. Inside they have stocked their market with not only the best seafood the coast has to offer but basically everything else you might need to cook a great seafood dinner. I've even taken to shipping their seafood as gifts around the holiday time!

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ugly fish
By: fish man teague    (Jan 24, 2010)

i have been to alot of seafood markets in the south east us and i have never been to one as bad as this one in titusville the place looks like a dump from the outside and is no better on the inside the roof was falling down and the people who work there wouldnot even talk to me or help me the old fish guy just would not turn around and help me with anything the fish were old looking and dry and look like they were frozen the shrimp that were on sale were the same ones i saw there be for they were the 21-25 brown tales that they were calling 16-20 tail i went tto the store were they unload the shrimp and those peopple were soo much more helpfull and the store much more cleaner and the fish were nice anad clean so if u do shop for sea food go to the store that is a the beach

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fish bonez says:    (Jan 28, 2010)

Seriously, you must have visited Wild Ocean in Titusville on a bad day. I have visited both locations that this company operates, and i must disagree fish man that both the seafood markets carry the freshest seafood product in Brevard county. The shimp are absolutely amazing and so are their staff. Everyone is very helpful and very knowledgable of the product they offer. If you ask for fresh fish, the staff will advise you if the product is fresh or frozen. Their port canaveral store has an excellent view, where i can take my family to watch the hard working men unload fish and shrimp boats.. my children love to enjoy an ice cream and watch the fish being unloaded. I'm very glad that we have these 2 seafood markets to buy my seafood, I wouldn't shop anywhere else for my seafood. So FISH MAN get a f******life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!