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Great milk!
By: Ashley Kortus    (Mar 9, 2013)

We love having access to fresh, real milk from a farm we can trust. We also love taking the kids to the farm to "visit our cows". It is so great to really know where your food comes from!

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Lifesaving Food
By:    (Sep 14, 2011)

I regained my own health driving 6 hours round trip to get Pastures' Delights raw milk and now use another dairy nearby. However, when I was asked to rescue a starved collie that had been abandoned for a month before he was found, I knew what brand to pull out of the freezer. The quality is superior!

A generously sized beef tongue from a side of a 1000 lb. Pastures' Delights Angus was just the thing to get him started. This meat lasted for a week until I was able to order more great beef tongue and beef heart (nutritious affordable meat) from your friends at Honored Prairie.

Since the soil composition in this farm's pastures is so rich in vitamins and minerals, the milk and chicken are just as rich as the beef that helped save this dog who was just coming out of systemic shock and sepsis when he arrived. I am disappointed that they will not be carrying Angus beef for long but definitely recommend this farm to anyone who needs healing foods.

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Chicken is Worth the Trip!
By:    (May 24, 2011)

I was a shareholder last year but not able to continue due to distance and gas costs, since I'm three hours away. However, if you are too far away to take advantage of the herd share program, there are still other ways to benefit from this farm, which is unique in being directed by a trained scientist and lifelong farmer/ farm family. Last year we purchased 25 pastured chickens from Pasture's Delights. They have a unique flavor and juiciness even when compared to other grass fed poultry. They are at once slightly sweet, full of healthy and flavorful fat, and easy to prepare, without any gaminess at all. Chickens are slaughtered on-farm, so they are very fresh when packaged and either flash frozen on site for a fee or when you bring them home.

I look forward to this farm continuing to grow its product line. I have also tried the honey in the farm store and it's a nice, local, low-cost variety. There is a certified Master Gardener on staff this year and I really look forward to organic produce later in the season when I make the trip down to Decatur. It's a worthwhile trip for anyone in IN, lower MI or OH.

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Creamy and clean!
By: Jamie Pike    (Aug 22, 2010)

We visited Pasture's Delights for a tour and Mark was very informative and knowledgable about what's he is doing. The facility is clean and properly maintained. We went home with 2 gallons of raw milk and drank it up within 2 days! We have young children and it is a great feeling to know they are receiving wholesome, clean, pasture-fed, hormone free milk. I was literally jumping up and down I was so excited. Thank you for such a tasty, quality product. We will be asking for more than 2 gallons next time!

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A precious gift
By: jose aguilar    (Mar 3, 2010)

Raw milk is such a great blessing from the Lord for me personaly I have prayed and wanted raw milk for a long time did not know how to get it and dont know any farmers.

it was then i googled raw milk and praise GOD Pastures delights was shown on google. The milk is awesome wonderful tasting and feels so nutrious its almost hard to explain but you just have to try yourself this place is awesome and the owner is a great guy. He gave me a tour of the place showed me how everything works and even got to meet the dariy cows and wow these cows were happy!! freindly

Again the milk is amazing i really cant say anything more but I pray the Lord will bless Pastures delights with good high quality raw milk. and propser it so it can be around for more many y ears to come in Jesus name amen Truly awesome milk forgive me but just very excited about what the Lord has blessed me with.

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