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Returning this summer
By:    (May 1, 2014)

We found this farm through their postcard promotion last spring. We had a CSA share at another farm the year before in Easthampton which we were quite pleased with but wanted something closer to home. We decided to give Oxen Hill a chance as it was practically just around the corner from us. I was very happy overall with the experience and have renewed for this season. The only minor complaint I would have is that I did not really understand how the pick your own feature worked, it was not fully explained to me. Other than that the entire season was quite enjoyable. The family that runs the farm is extremely friendly and seems to truly enjoy what they do. The directions to the place were very clear. The parking is clearly marked and easy to enter and exit (not always the case at some farms. The produce is fresh and delicious. There was always plenty to be had and it was organized very nicely in the pickup shed and under a tent outside the shed when there is overflow. Excellen

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Excellent Wedding Bouquets!
By: Erin O'Sullivan    (Aug 1, 2013)

We asked Sarah-Jean Griffin to arrange three bouquets for my wedding- two for bridesmaids and one for the bride. They were beautiful! Then she went above and beyond making two extra bouquets- one for my mom and another for my mother in law. They were absolutely delighted with their surprised bouquets. I canā??t recommend her enough.

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Bountiful Harvest
By: Jennifer DiFranco    (Mar 8, 2013)

I have been a memeber of the Oxen Hill CSA for two years now. I stumbled upon them quite by accident and it seems to be one of the best accidents of my families life. Oxen hill provides my family with fresh vegetables for the majority of the year. I was even able to feed my infant son home made baby food from the vegetables from the farm. The amount of food that my family received from our share was enough to feed all four of us, and then plenty to freeze back and can for the winter months. I look forward to the begining of the season every year with Oxen Hill.

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a natural choice!
By: amy knowles    (Mar 8, 2013)

I have read the reviews and I agree with all of them! I have been a member for the past 3 years. Everything is true, the family is delightful the surplus is donated and the wide variety of organic choices are spectacular. However, my favorite part is being a part of a community that cares so much about what their family is eating. Showing my daughter that buying local, fresh and organic is the best choice. I love that I feel comfortable that when she picks cherry tomatoes fresh from the vine and eats them, they are free of chemicals and pesticides. Today with all the hype about just about everything being unhealthy for you I can feel confident that my choice to be part of this wonderful CSA is the right one.

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We Love Oxen Hill Farm
By: Meaghan Serafin    (Mar 7, 2013)

We joined Oxen Hill Farm CSA 2 years ago and we are so happy we did! Joining the CSA was a great benefit to both my family and our local economy. Getting local fruits and vegetables each week "forces" us to make healther meal choices - when you have fresh vegetables, you want to cook more! We are also stimulating the local economy by supporting Oxen Hill - which employs local worker and procures items from other local farms. We feel great knowing that we are supporting other local families and business. The fruits and vegetables in our CSA are very diverse so we are never "bored" with our weekly allocation. And the amounts that we get each week are ample enough to support my family for a whole week - sometimes I don't even take my full share becasue some weeks, we just cannot fit in all that food. Don't worry - that food is not going to waste - Oxen Hill donates all surplus to the local food banks which I fully support! We should always look to help our local friends and family. Keep up the great work Oxen Hill! Meaghan Serafin

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We love our CSA!
By: Becky Avery    (Mar 7, 2013)

We've been members of Oxen Hill's CSA since their 1st year, and every year it gets better and better! The family that runs the farm is inspired by the community around them, always asks for suggestions on what their members would like to see more of/less of, they provide recipes every week and set up a chef or cooking student to come in once a month to show their members new ways to cook vegetables they might not be familiar with and show new ways for the old stand bys. Often there are other local products for sale - such as maple syrup, cheese and occasionally, meat. They are familiar w/the local food community and will gladly refer you to someone for a product you're looking for or find the information for you. There has never been a week where we wished we had more produce - in fact, there are many, many weeks where we're trying to come up with new ideas before the next pick up! It's a great way to stay on top of feeding my family well, eating organic (yes, they are now certified organic!) and doing it at a great price. I'm always sad when the csa year comes to an end and I have to go back to the dismal grocery store produce section! We will continue our membership with Oxen Hill for as long as they do - which we hope is forever. If you are considering a CSA, this should be your first choice - you can't beat the quality, the love you get from this family, and the variety.

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Local worry-free veggies from a family-oriented farm
By: Marcy Beach    (Mar 7, 2013)

So many reasons to LOVE Oxen Hill Farm... LOCAL - I know where the food I'm feeding my family comes from. FRESH - picked that day...not like the grocery stores (how long has it been sitting on the shelves?) ALL OF OUR FAVORITES - and thanks to Oxen Hill Farm, we've added to our list of favorites because we've tried new foods. PESTICIDE FREE!!! - no need to worry what I'm feeding my family. THE WARMEST ENVIRONMENT - they offer activities for the kids, cooking demonstrations, recipes, and the infamous annual Oxfest. And don't forget the flower share - beautiful flowers on my table every week!

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Thanks to Oxen Hill Farm!
By: sophie Belanger    (Nov 23, 2010)

Another year of great produces! I have been a CSA member since the beginning of the Farm CSA program and everything I can say about this Program is awesome! There is a wide variety of vegetables every week and their shares are very generous. At Oxen Hill Farm you are always welcomed with a smile and you leave with a bag full of good veggies! Come and join us!

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