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This is what eating used to be and can be again!
By: Cait Pomeroy    (Jan 11, 2011)

I'm so lucky that we have a home walking distance to the Farmer's Market at Clear Lake Shores where Law Ranch Cattle Company comes to sell their beef. This is fantastic tasting beef from a family that is serious about wanting to provide not only the best tasting beef but they are doing it with sustainable agriculture methods. And I love that I KNOW the ranchers that raise my food. It's the next best thing to having them as next door neighbors!

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Great Beef!
By: Carolyn Ulrickson    (Jan 11, 2011)

Excellent beef.Very tender and tasty. It reminds me of the great beef I grew up eating in West Texas before big Ag. feedlots took over the butcher counters. I highly recommend them. They have excellent customer service. They will deliver, or you may come to the ranch to pick up if you cannot make it to the farmer's market. The meat is frozen as soon as it is butchered, so it says very fresh for over a year if in the freezer. I recomment you get a deep freeze and fill it full. I have been buying sides of beef from them since before they started selling by the piece. They have provided me with high-quality beef for years. They prices are very competitive for the quality that you will get.

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