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Happy pigs really taste better!
By: Alice Roberts    (Mar 7, 2010)

We ordered a pig and were able to pick it up a couple of weeks ago. The taste difference is amazing. The pork chops were flavorful with out having to do anything special to them, and the bacon was incredible (this coming from someone who usually doesn't like bacon).

I'm so happy to have a local source for sustainably raised meats. I can't wait for our chicken order!

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Great farm, great family, great product.
By: Matthew Steiner    (Jan 5, 2010)

We purchased pork from the Christiansen's several months back and have enjoyed the meat. My wife and I also had the chance to visit them at their farm and talk for a while. We made a deposit for a spring order while we were visiting. This family farm is doing a great job. I hope people continue to support locally grown products and that more farmers take on the opportunity and commitment to implement these farming practices. I recommend this farm to everyone I know.

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highly recommended
By: stefanie bryant    (Jan 5, 2010)

I have personally visted Christiansen Family Farm to see their operations. At the time, they had pigs, chicken and turkey. If there are such things as happy animals (i think so) these ones were!

We tasted pork samples and they were so good we ordered a pig. I also had a heritage turkey for thanksgiving from this farm that was great.

It is so nice to see some clean eating and resonsible farming practices starting to take hold.....

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