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Freshest Bay Leaves in my Life
By: MARTIN W PATTERSON    (Aug 5, 2014)

I ordered Bay Leaves last week and I just got them in today. They were packaged nicely and even with a small ribbon. They looked a little different from store bought bay leaves which I recently purchased for digestion. I did rinse for safety safe, but I was pretty sure they didnt use insecticide since the literature says they are a natural insecticide, but that should be natural insect repellent. Man, after washing just one leaf, I tried sucking on one leaf, and never tasted a bay leaf so fresh before. I ready to go buy a tree. Wow.. The flavor was awesome and so fresh. I can still taste it on my tounge after 15 minutes ago. If I dont have a tree next time I go looking for Bay leaves I will definitely go to Schmidt's Road Ranch. I certainly wont buy those dried up leaves in the store anymore.

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Absolutely stunning quality!
By: Michael Okusa    (Apr 14, 2014)

I loved these bay leaves so much, I had to leave a 2nd 5 star review! I really love how well these California Bay Leaves work in dessert applications. Bay Leaf and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Caramelized Pineapple and Bay Leaf Sorbet... Next I might try David Lebovitz's Bay Leaf Pound Cake. The aroma is sweet, herbal, spicy, intoxicating. What's even better is the source - Schmidt Road Ranch did a beautiful job packaging and charged very reasonably compared to what you will find in a specialty grocery store.

A tip: Learn from my mistake - don't let the leaves stay in the ziploc bag. They became moldy after a week or so. That was my mistake entirely, though. The 2nd time around I tied them to a thumb tack and let them hang to air dry. Even dry, their aroma will not fade. Infuse tea, simple syrup, high proof alcohol, hot milk or cream and be seduced by a new flavor!

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wow just wow!
By:    (Apr 11, 2014)

I have ordered bay leaves many other places online. only to have the old dried out crumbled california bay delivered to me. I ordered the california bay from Schmidt Road Ranch, 3 days ago. and today I received it!.. I was boggled at how fast they came. I tore open the package and it was EXACTLY how they said it would be. over 100 leaves on their stems!.. beautifully green and soft, fresh....Im a believer Schmidt Road Ranch!. And I will be handing out your address webpage to everyone I know that appreciates good.. no.. excellent pricing and quality merchandise!.. and believe me this is high praise for me. Im the complete opposite of an optimist when it comes to online ordering of herbs! I have you favorited you now on my computer. so look for many more orders from me.

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Beautiful Chocolate Mint Starts
By: RenĂ?©e Swenson    (Mar 31, 2014)

I ordered some chocolate mint starts from Schmidt Road Ranch. Generous amount of starts arrived at my home healthy and well packaged. . I am so excited to plant them . Very fast shipping and great communication. I will highly recommend Schmidt Road Ranch to my friends and family.

Thanks so much Schmidt Road Ranch!

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Great Product!
By: stephanie wilson    (Feb 24, 2014)

It is exactly what I wanted and was shipped out right away. Thanks!

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Dried John's wort flowers!
By: Dragutin Stajic    (Dec 25, 2013)

I got dried John's wort flowers from this farm on 12/22/2013. They look good to me. I am going to make John's wort oil from the flowers and than I'll give the final review. For the look 5 stars!

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Wonderful value
By: marilyn wolgat    (Dec 5, 2013)

Beautifully packed and tied with a ribbon. A generous bunch. I have never had fresh bay leaf much less American grown. My chicken soup, and spaghetti recipes came out great. I dry herbs and catnip in the refrigerator, Untie the bundle, and loosely wrap in waxed paper. Put a thin rubber band around the bottom of the bundle to gently hold it together, and lay flat in one of the shelves of the door, open side up. You can stack herb bundles as long as they are not wrapped air tight. It takes a few weeks, but herbs dried that way come out green, crisp. After some weeks drying in the frig, the bay leaves are still flexible. Tear them and they give off their fragrance. I waited to see how they dried before writing this review. I have more than a years supply. I will never buy the imported stuff again. Thanks for the lovely plants..

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100 fresh bay leaves
By: Margaret Martinez    (Nov 4, 2013)

Order arrived promptly and the fresh branches were tied with a pretty ribbon. Leaves were very fresh and I used them to make a liqeuer. They were wonderful! Susan, thanks for accommodating my special request.

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