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Convenient and Delicious
By: Karim Nice    (Nov 2, 2009)

We have been with Farm to Fork for a couple of months using their delivery service. All of the meat is very tasty, the hamburger patties make the best burgers I've ever had. Pork products are really good, especially the sausages and bacon (which is huge and meaty). They also have chicken, lamb, eggs, fresh seafood, goat, and other interesting meats. We've had fun sampling all the different cuts of meat - we often have "mixed grill" for dinner. One night it was goat loin chops, beef hanger steak, and triggerfish.

The service is very convenient for us; we have not bought meat at the grocery store since we started. We order a week's worth of meat on Sunday for delivery on Tuesday. We also can order fresh (never frozen) seafood on Monday for delivery on Tuesday. The seafood is amazing.

Finally, the main reason we use the service is so that we can have "happy meat". Not factory farmed, and fed who-knows-what. Hopefully by supporting local farmers who raise their animals naturally we'll be able to increase the availability of happy meat.

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Love it!
By: Melanie Rivers    (Oct 23, 2009)

In this day and age, I thought finding good, healthy, local food was impossible until I became a member of Farm to Fork. I cannot say enough good things about it! The meat, chicken and seafood are outstanding! Absolutely delicious! You can actually taste the difference that it is fresh and the real thing. The produce, eggs, bread, everything is just amazing. I am so thankful to Niti and Farm to Fork. I can sleep better at night knowing that I am providing my family with healthy and nutritious food from our local farmers! Thank you Farm to Fork!!

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Awesome CSA
By: Jennifer Soboleski    (Oct 22, 2009)

The food is awesome and I love that it is fresh and local. I had stopped eating beef and pork because I couldn't stand the though of factory farmed meat with questionable backgrounds. The meat farm to fork supplies is delicious and I can eat it with confidence. My family loves the fresh, never frozen fish. Even though it costs more I don't think we'll ever go back to store-bought fish or meat. To me it is worth the extra cost to know the provenance of the food I eat. Just follow the news and it makes you see how questionable factory-farmed meat is for your health and the enviroment. I also like that I am supporting agriculture in North Carolina and local farmers who work to provide wonderful food that tastes like food should.

Niti is a wonderful person and does her best to make her customers happy.

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Excellent all around
By: Jennifer Owens    (Aug 12, 2009)

I happened upon Farm to Fork thanks to a mom at my girls' dance class. Since my first order, I continue to be impressed. They say excellence is in the details, and that is exactly what Farm to Fork does!

The excellence is not only in the customer service that Mrs. Bali delivers, but also in the meats and seafood. The pasture-fed pork, chicken and beef is tender and flavorful. The seafood, in my daughter's words "tastes better than at the beach!"

I would recommend this to everyone. How can we not support these farmers that may, literally, live next door?

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