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Love my Chickens!
By: george keene    (Mar 12, 2011)

Just wanted to express that I now have a great little flock of the friendliest and prettiest chickens beyond what I hoped to have.

Thanks Michelle! I appreciate your knowledgeable and friendly support.

(This lady raises some sweet birds!)

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Phasian Farms--consider me a fan!
By: Brian McPartland    (Jul 12, 2010)

It is with great pleasure that I can recommend Phasian Farms. Serendipitously I met Michelle Koeppe while visiting Pistils Nursery in Portland, Oregon. I was on holiday and happened upon some of her incredibly tame and tiny chickens, which run loose around the grounds during the day. Already a fan and owner of chickens, I was astounded and amazed at just how small these birds were. When asked, Michelle told me all about the rare breed--the Malaysian Serama! They are the smallest chicken breed in the world! As I left, I could not get these little birds out of my mind. Once home, I decided I wanted to get my own and add them to my flock, and that is exactly what I did.

I would like to thank Michelle for the time she took with me in person, as well as on the phone. I felt that Michelle was trustworthy enough to choose three seramas for me, and so I asked for one cockerel and two pullets, and my faith in her was not misplaced. Michelle is a breeder of seramas (as well as other rare poultry), and she provided me with three healthy birds. My experience was a good one, and I can only assume that others will experience the same quality service and help, should they choose to do business with Phasian Farms.

Brian Merlin, Oregon

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