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The BEST of the Best
By: Sheila Coffield    (May 5, 2014)

I must say I have posted on this Farm before. Its been 5 years and we have yet to buy from anyone else. We stopped looking 5 years again when we found Deer Run Farm of Amelia. When you find the BEST, you stick with it! Thank you Hutchinson Family for working EVERY DAY to bring such quality to our table. You truly do believe in quality not quantity. Thank you! The Coffield's, Chester, VA

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The best beef in Richmond!
By: Vivian Hedrick    (Aug 23, 2011)

I hesitated to write a review because I didn't want everybody to find out about it and then buy up all of the only good beef in the Richmond area!!! It truly is fantastic. The best I've had since my dad raised our own cows when I was a little girl ~ nearly 50 yrs ago! It is delicious ~ from the hamburger to the steaks to the roasts. I'm happy to have happened upon the farmer's market where Deer Run Farms sells their meats. It has become a necessary staple at our house!

Vivian Hedrick

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Sheila Coffield says:    (Sep 16, 2011)

I agree! After buying other "Grass Fed" beef, we realized Deer Run Farm of Amelia is the best in Richmond. They are truly Grass Fed AND Grass Finished. Through alot of research, I found that MANY Farmers DO NOT finish their cattle on grass, they use "other" feed to "bulk" them up before going to process......which to me, defeats the purpose of eating Grass Fed! Deer Run Farm has NEVER let us down. Thank you Hutchinson Family for doing what you do AND doing it RIGHT!

Grass Fed Beef
By: Sheila Coffield    (Jan 17, 2011)

You cant go wrong with these folks! We received our 1/2 side of beef in September. What a difference in "grocery store" meat over Grass Fed Beef. We have been VERY happy with Deer Run Farm beef and chicken's! Cant wait to get more beef and chickens from Robert & Ruth Ann!! May 2011 cant come soon enough!

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By: Ranna Cope    (Oct 10, 2010)

We have purchased beef from Deer Run Farm 2 years in a row. We had heard all sorts of Pros and Cons about grass fed beef. We took a chance and we were not disappointed at all! The meat was so tender and had a great flavor. No need for a lot of spice and sauces! The butcher Deer Run Farm uses also does a good job. The packaging is clearly labeled and CLEAN. I have been to the farm several times. What a beautiful place. I cant say enough about Robert and Ruth Ann. They are great people to work with: honest, friendly and very informative. Thank you! The Copes

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Deer Run Farm
By: Sheila Coffield    (Apr 13, 2010)

Thanks to the documentary FOOD INC., we became educated on how our food is processed. On our first trip to Deer Run Farm, we bought many chickens. Ruth Ann showed us around their farm and was very informative. We cooked 2 chickens this week end, they were absolutely mouth watering. What a difference between free range and grocery store, low grade chickens! We also have on order 1/2 side of beef and we cant wait to get that order! Thanks Ruth Ann for showing us around your farm and for taking such great care of your animals. See you in May! Sheila Coffield, Chester, VA

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Flavor, Health, Principles, Service, Value
By: Meg Haring    (Feb 4, 2010)

Their grass-fed beef is deliciously tender and Omega-ly healthy, and their service is personal, thorough and convenient. The folks at Deer Run Farm are amazing stewards of God's great earth. We are ordering again -- I highly recommend!

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