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Duck Confit, fromage blanc, and omg chicken
By: becky burke    (Feb 27, 2014)

I started going out to Kookoolan farms waaaay back when Chrissie still had goats. I'd get goat and cow milk.

Then! Chrissie sold me a duck confit kit. OH. There is nothing like having your own jar of duck confit in the fridge - REAL duck confit - not the couple of legs Whole Foods tries to sell. In fact, I found this little forum because I am in need of another duck confit kit from Chrissie!

I've also taken a cheese class - I can make chevre and fromage blanc now! It's so easy!!

My daughter, now 9, picked out her 3rd birthday dinner - we had rabbit from Kookoolan farms. We decided on 2 live rabbits, and came back the next week and they were ready for dinner. Kookoolan farm is a great way to teach children real farm-food relationships. Chicken doesn't come from cellophane.

Oh, the chicken. And her Kombucha. Everything they do at Kookoolan is just amazing.

and I need another duck confit kit....

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Love Kookoolan
By: Barb Grover    (Feb 27, 2014)

I first discovered Kookoolan through their cheese making classes - which I can highly recommend! - but quickly became a customer and now buy all of my meat through them.

Not only can I have complete confidence that the animals they raise for me to eat are free of hormones and other undesirables, and are grassfed, but I know that the animals are treated with respect and humanity. That's enough to keep me coming back but honestly it's the taste and quality of the meat that has me raving. I've purchased turkey, pork, and beef and they are all the most delicious meat I can imagine.

So, thank you Kookoolan for raising animals I feel comfortable eating - it's truly meat with integrity and that matters to me a lot.

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I love it!
By: Jeanne Winslow    (Feb 27, 2014)

I love my occasional trips out to Kookoolan Farms for my beef, pork or lamb. The meat is delicious and browsing the Farm Store, and now the Meadery is really enjoyable.

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Very Happy
By: Trina Voss    (Feb 27, 2014)

Great pastured heritage pig. It does taste a little different, almost smoked. The friend I bought it with didn't like the bacon because of that. We got lots of fat and lard to play with too. Kombucha is amazing.

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By:    (Sep 27, 2009)

Consistently excellent farm goods. Chrissie and Koorosh are a pleasure to interact with. 5 stars!

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