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My favorite farm in the nation
By: Oriana Galardi-Este    (Oct 26, 2014)

This is my favorite farm to buy food from. There is so much goodness going on at this farm. For one, they are the CLEANEST farm in the state. You will find no chemical fertilizers, no industrial amendments, no herbicides (not even organic ones), no pesticides, absolutely nothing but good old fashioned compost (made on-site), and oh so much love. What I love most about Rob and Cheri is that they are so sincere in their desire to provide the cleanest and most nutrient-dense food available. They don't cut corners. They work so hard to produce their delicious produce/fruit and the result is produce/fruit that not only looks better than the rest, it TASTES better too. Walking around their farm is pure joy, and it's impossible not to feel the love they so clearly pour into their work. Rob, Cheri, thank you for providing me and so many others with the highest quality food, that I consider the most effective health insurance available, and that I simply don't know what I would do without!

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