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By: Patrick ORiordan    (Mar 7, 2011)

First off,,, I don't live in Tennessee yet... Plan on retiring there soon... however I do have some very good friends living in the Nashville area..

I contacted Eleanor last year about buying some chickens and lamb. My thoughts were to give my friends a bit of a xmas gift through out the year....

The sale and delivery went flawlessly. My friends said the chickens were so big at first they thought they might be small turkeys weighing in at over 5 pounds.

Anyway, I am once again sending funds back to Eleanor to buy some more chickens, lamb... 2011

I don't hesitate to recommend Eleanor. Whether your in state or out of state like me,, she is a very honest lady and provides the greatest products. and will deliver....


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Wonderful Chicken!
By: Aimee Brimhall    (Apr 13, 2010)

After looking extensively on Local Harvest for chickens we found Little Springs Farm. Eleanor was very quick to respond to emails and was able to meet us half way for our birds. Grilling our first chicken met no disappointment, hats off to Eleanor! We love our eggs too! We would recommend this farm highly. Support Local! Thanks Eleanor! :)

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Feel good about this experience
By: Jeffrey Sonsino    (Dec 22, 2009)

I was referred to this farm and Eleanor (the owner) from someone I contacted on Craigslist. One fall day, a friend, I, and my two kids piled into the car and drove out to see how she did things. We are concerned about three main aspects of where our food comes from: sustainable land use, local location, and organic preparation. Eleanor hits a home run with all three. She has a bachelor's in ag from UT, and was fed up with all of the factory techniques she learned. So, she raises healthy breeds of birds, not the ones with breasts so big they can't forrage on their own. They are kept in pens (to keep out the coyotes) that are rotated every day. The birds feed on critters that they forrage, grass, and suppliment that she mixes on her own (no antibiotics). You should see the grass that grows after the pens are moved! The birds are processed in a USDA facility and frozen in sealed bags. Not only are her techniques perfect, but she is a really nice person who is very easy to deal with. A member of her church regularly comes to Nashville for work, so the birds hitch a ride and it works out well.

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