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America, where has the integrity gone?
By: Dan Gloege    (Dec 11, 2011)

Went to Z's to pick up firewood for my parents. Thought the quality & price would be better outside of the cities. Spoke with the owner, John, about getting some firewood. He wanted to load it with his Bobcat. I told him I was fine with loading myself by hand. Apparently I was supposed to be directing him operating the Bobcat. He broke the rear light on my truck. When he stopped the Bobcat and I pointed out the break to him, I was told "You were directing me, that's your problem. You can go pay for the wood inside." I received the estimate for the repair, and called John to ask him what I should do about it. And again, "that's your problem". When I am in my customer's home, or if I build them something, and I cause damage to their home or property - that becomes MY problem. Z's Tree's was paid their $75.00 for the firewood. I have a $275.00 repair bill for the trip out there. America, where has the integrity gone?

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