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Good value & just what I wanted
By: Nancy Smith    (Mar 22, 2014)

Great turnaround and service.

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So far so GREAT !!
By: Jennifer Looy    (Feb 14, 2014)

I ordered several seed packets from Our Vegetable Patch. I just received all of my seed packets today (less then 3 days after I placed my initial order). The seeds were sent in a protected envelope and arrived safe and sound. So far I am extremely happy with my purchase and look forward to giving all of my seeds a try.

I purchased the following seeds from Our Vegetable Patch: Lavender, Celery, Carrot, Radish, Green Bean, Wonder Pepper, Anaheim Pepper

I also received one packet of Homestead Tomato seeds as a free gift.

Thank you Our Vegetable Patch for some excellent customer service !!!

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Such speedy service!
By: Eric Yeager    (Jan 26, 2014)

We ordered our seeds for spring last week (yes, we are a little behind this year, lol!) We ordered on 1/23, and the seeds were on our front door step by 1/27! I have NEVER seen such speedy service from ANY online store. Ready to get these babys in the ground and see our wonderful garden grow :-)

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No luck this year, will try again
By: Katy Thompson    (Dec 10, 2013)

I bought these seeds last spring with the hopes of having some unusual watermelons by late summer. We had a terrible wet and cold spring, the first time I planted the ground wasn't warm enough and the seeds rotted. The second time they sprouted within a week, but then Mother Nature took most of the plants out with a hail storm. The few survivors kept trying for the rest of the summer, but never got any blooms and the vines only grew a few feet. Will try again next year in the sunniest part of the yard - definitely need warm weather!

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Characteristics of This Tomato
By: Melinda Ridgway    (Feb 11, 2013)

We had gardened with this breed of tomato several years, and loved it for its consistency in uniformity of size and very good yield. Plants are sturdy, determinate. Fruits are large hand-size, smooth, meaty and excellent all-around for slicing and canning. Seem to be resistant to disease. Strong tomato flavor & medium-acid.

So delighted to find it again --- we have not found seed for several years!

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My favorite vegetable!
By: Jonah holland    (Nov 18, 2012)

Watermelon radishes are my new favorite veggie. They are crunchy & sweet with just a hint of spice. <3 Them!

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Super products!!
By: Dawn Villines    (Feb 17, 2012)

Everything was just as stated & all produced. Ordered a HUGE order of seeds & am ordering more now. You will not be disappointed with this farm! Highly recommend!!

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just probably the best
By: Doug Bergstrom    (Dec 24, 2011)

If you want a cantaloupe that is drought tolerant, easy to grow, organic, open-pollenated, and heritage-heirloom and just simply is the best tasting melon available ...... this is the one. Do not pass up the chance to grow this melon in 2012. - you will not be disappointed. Grow it correctly (fertility balanced soil and appropriate irrigation - if needed -) and you can plan for a cantaloupe melon festival with your entire neighborhood.

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