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A really awesome farm!
By: Kailyn Naholnik    (Mar 1, 2012)

I made a trip to the Stone Bridge Farm Alpacas, and I had an absolutely amazing time! I went with my mom, her friend and son, and my friend. We were able to meet the alpacas, learn their characters, feed them, and for one trip my mom and her friend got to help Denise shave down the alpacas teeth! That was so much fun. We were also able to heard the ducks into their correct area, because the males and females have to be kept separated. And another time that my friends and I went, we were able to collect duck eggs that were scattered all around the farm. That was really cool because then we got to have a nature like egg hunt, which are always fun.And Denise had these fabrics and clothing that were placed inside of the Farm Shoppe that you were able to purchase, everything was beautiful and hand woven. The items ranged from hats and mittens, to rugs , books, mini alpacas, and much more! I can't wait for the next time that I get to go back and see the Alpacas, Ducks and the Farm! I loved it!

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By: KeLlEy DiMoCk    (Feb 23, 2012)

I went to the farm with a friend to help the owner trim the alpaca teeth! What an experience! Denise was very welcoming and friendly. We had a great time getting so close to the animals and learning of each individuals unique personality. Meanwhile my son hunted for duck eggs and enjoyed feeding the alpacas too. They are curious creatures who will always be watching, wondering what your doing. We had fun and will be back!

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Stone Bridge Farm is awesome!
By: tracy lane    (Feb 21, 2012)

I took my 5 year old daughter there 2 seasons ago and she really enjoyed feeding and petting the alpacas. I have pictures of it that she will remember for the rest of her life! We will be going back this season, now that she is old enough to remember all the fun to be had! We also loved all the handmade crafts and she bought a couple fingerpuppets.

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heart warming
By: meghan smith    (Feb 21, 2012)

Arriving at the farm, my daughter, sister and I were surrounded by alpacas, from the moment we entered their enclosure. Front and center was Alex. She was so curious! They all followed us the whole walk to the barn, where I was greated by Denise, the owner of the farm and her mother who was visiting. Inside of the barn, there was such a display of alpaca items! Hand sewn sweaters, mittens, slippers, alpaca fiber teddy bears and much more. Outside of the barn, there was so much going on, it entertained all of us for hours. Aside from the alpacas, there are ducks running around. Duck eggs hidden in corners, and a small pond where they were all having a great time. While the ducks scurried around our feet, we Hung out with the curious alpacas and became accustomed to each one of their personalies. And we were able to hand feed them hay. Also, there are a few pregnant alpacas. So, besides the ADORABLE baby that is already there, Denise will be expecting several more next month! We are looking forward to going back and spending time with our new alpacas friends and meeting the new additions to their family.

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Salt of the Earth
By: Melissa Martineau    (Feb 21, 2012)

Stone Bridge Farm Alpacas and its proprietors, the Currans, offer a free family-friendly outdoor experience in an off-the-beaten path location boasting vistas of rolling wooded hills spotted with alpacas, ducks and naturally occurring wild life. The Farm Shoppe offers hand-made alpaca items ranging from decoration to apparel. A must visit gem in the heart of Connecticut's picturesque farm country.

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By: jennifer jambor    (Feb 21, 2012)

Stone bridge farm alpacas was amazing. The grounds are great and the animals where beautiful and so soft. If you have kids that are into animals this is the place to go. She also had some great hand alpaca items for sale.

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