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Shared Bounty Excells
By: Kim May    (Jun 17, 2010)

This is my first experience with a CSA, and I couldn't be happier. The offerings from the farm have been at the peak of perfection. Everything has been amazingly tasty, superlatively fresh, and responsibly grown. I relish the wide variety of produce and herbs as a welcome weekly culinary challenge. I am proud to support this fine farming family. Jim and Ramona have been most kind, considerate, and very eager to please. They have gone above and beyond to care for their shareholders. My only hope is that they keep it up for many years to come - I'll be a lifelong customer. Thank you! Kim

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Great products/great people
By: linda pallmann    (Jun 13, 2010)

This is my first time participating in a CSA but Jim and his family do such a first rate job that I am completely convinced this is the only way to buy food. I like supporting the local guy and enjoying the fresh produce as it comes into season. I am also grateful for the posting of suggested recipes for the harvest since I have never tasted some of these vegetables. I'm glad some of these things, turnips for example, were delivered to my door since I probably never would have bought them, but tried the recipe and really like them. Hurrah for new adventures! Jim also has the personal touch by adding the jelly or pot holders made by his mom along with a little note. If he ever has any openings, I would hardily suggest joining! linda

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Very Pleased!
By: Melanie Boon    (Jun 13, 2010)

We have received out 4th delivery and continue to be very pleased. Along with the great produce every week we receive a newsletter with an explanation of the produce and recipes. Jim is obviously working very hard to make it a great experience for everyone. Thanks!!!

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By: Kay Lundry    (Jun 13, 2010)

I too am a 2010 share member with Shared Bounty. I am so thrilled with everyone and everything associated with this farm and family! Jim's produce is amazing! Fresh herbs and eggs are also included in our deliveries! He emails a newsletter with the weeks' items listed as well as recipes and helpful hints for the produce. We were even given "bonus" (apple butter and a quilted potholder)items that his mother made for each of the share members! I feel confident that this is one of the most well run CSAs out there and I am looking forwrd to being a part Shared Bounty for years to come!

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The Farm that feeds me well!
By: Mona Van Vooren    (Jun 13, 2010)

I drove out to Troy to see for myself... after all, it is the food I would be eating... and I found a nice family and a good farm. So this is my first experience with CSAs. I decided that organic food should be the only type I want to eat, and that I want to give my money to the very people who grow the food for me. After all, they deserve it!

I have now received my 4th delivery of the season, and I am enjoying kale, bog choy, strawberries, new potatoes, lots of salads and field greens, red beets, broccoli, cauliflower, herbs, farm eggs, and I am sure I forgot a thing or two. I love that it is harvested and brought right to me: nobody but the one who picked it and delivered it, had touched it, before it gets to me! Jim and his family are such friendly and honest people, I feel good about having joined them! I look forward to many more seasons of harvest adventures with the Shared Bounty Farm!

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