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They Really Dropped the Ball
By: Leslie Landberg    (Nov 15, 2012)

To judge by reading other reviews, this service works well in most other areas, just not in mine. Oakland is the center of the foodie/locovore universe and I assumed that our little part of the planet would be well served, but I was mistaken. In Oakland, where I live in downtown, I could not get delivery, nor was there any drop off location within 10 miles of my home!

I had to get on BART, with my bike and cart, and take it clear across town, into the Rockridge area, where I rode another few blocks. Since I work some long hours, it was usually dark when I got to the location. It was on the side of a brown shingle, convemiently enough, across from Trader Joe's!

Unfortunately, their driveway was always completely blocked by an enormous SUV. I only weigh100 lbs, but I still had trouble sqeezing into the back of the driveway.

It was pitch black, no light at all and they used these tiny, flimsy locks that were impossible to close and really hard to work in the darkness. If you didn't have two people (one to hold a flashlight) forget about it!

And, because there was no access for my bike and cart, I had to risk leaving them by the house, which made me really nerveous, since theft is a real problem in that area. Come to think of it, a young woman venturing into the dark at the side of a house in Oakland is super scary! I guess I am more adventurous than most.

When I requested a light and locks that were well oiled, large enough to handle easily and easy access from the street, I was told firmly that no they were not interested in doing any of those things.

I would be delighted to start up again if they deliver into my area, as they do in some other regions of the Bay Area. Otherwise I think I am pretty justified to be outraged.

Oh, and the milk and cream were superb. But hey, I can just buy them at the store, I found out recently.

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Love having this service
By: Sandra Portillo-Robins    (Jan 11, 2010)

I love getting the milk delivered and it's something I can count on every week. I don't have to rush to the store to make sure I get milk before they run out. With the amount of milk we drink every week the prices are a savings too. Thank you Christina for being so organized and for working out all the new delivery areas.

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Works well for us.
By: Linda Hartwig    (Jan 11, 2010)

The milk is the freshest and the Cheese is amazing the prices are very reasonable. New products keep being added along with pick up areas. Overall we are very happy with the service.

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Raw Milk Delivery
By: Crystal Prins    (Dec 14, 2009)

Real Food (Bay Area) CSA provides an excellent service! Fresh raw milk and convenient delivery locations at an unbeatable price! They have also expanded their product line to include many other delicoius, fresh, whole foods. Thank you to everyone at Real Food for what you do!

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By: Jennifer Gwirtz    (Nov 17, 2009)

For weeks I raced across town to Rainbow to find our Claravale cream, only to find that they'd run out. That's when I heard about Real Food Bay Area. What a wonderful CSA! The cream is fresh and well-kept, even the day after. When I mentioned that Glen Park was also something of a road trip for me, Christina Hildebrand was extremely responsive. Within two weeks a drop location was organized in our neighborhood! Wonderful! I look forward to trying other products from them, as well.

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Delivered On Time
By: claire t.    (Oct 24, 2009)

Real Food CSA has home based delivery sites all over the Bay Area. It is under new management and the deliveries are on time and communication is excellent. It is wonderful to get Claravale (Jersey cows on pasture) milk and cream at a discount. I'm looking forward to getting pastured eggs, raw cheese, Grindstone sourdough breads, grass-fed Ghee, and meats from the CSA in the near future. It means a lot to have local, natural and Organic, nutrient-dense products delivered to a home nearby and NOT be forced to buy from Whole Foods for higher prices. Thank You Real Food CSA !

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Great product, service and prices
By: Amy Shimmick    (Oct 23, 2009)

Real Food delivers very fresh Claravale raw milk at prices lower than stores in my area. They also carry Claravale raw cream which I can't find ANYWHERE else. If you want to make Nourishing Traditions ice cream, this is the stuff! After tasting 100% raw Jersey milk, bottled in glass, my family will drink nothing else.

The updated website makes it convenient to order and you can pay by credit card. The many CSA host sites make pick up very easy. This CSA is great--I am looking forward to their product line expansion, anticipated later this year (2009).

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Raw milk at its freshest!
By: Julie Fellom    (Oct 23, 2009)

Our parent participation preschool hosts the raw milk delivery for our Glen Park neighborhood. The milk is delicious and so fresh delivered to our door! The folks at Real Food have a great delivery system for a delicious and nutritious product that is often hard to find in health food stores in San Francisco due to the increasing number of people who are wanting the health benefits of raw milk. Thank you from the children and parents at Neighborhood Playgarden.

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