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excellent persimmons
By: Zlata Karga    (Jan 5, 2015)

My husband and I got addicted to these incredible fruits. We have ordered three boxes of them for the last three months. They would always arrive in excellent condition and fast. Cannot wait till the next year.

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Great avocados
By:    (Oct 23, 2014)

This was my first time trying the Reed variety of avocado. They arrived in perfect condition. They weren't ripe yet and took 3-4 days to be edible. They were perfect inside and had a flavor not unlike the Haas variety. The flesh was free of any brown strings or black spots. This is important to me because I live in a rural part of Maine and it's difficult to get good avocados here. They often have brown spots and strings inside and can be overripe. I was very pleased as well because I'm getting up there and it's hard to go out to shop anymore. So the convenience of having them come right to my door was great.

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Love at first bite!!!!
By: Lynda Wells    (Oct 7, 2014)

I had no idea how fantastic Reed Avocados were until I nearly passed them by at a local farm stand last month. Haas had been my benchmark for tasty avocado, and now I am spoiled forever by Reeds! I ordered 10 pounds to be sent to my best friend back East...and the report from Long Island is that now THEY are hooked. Almost hate to announce how good these are, so everyone PLEEZE save some for me to order in season!

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By: Pasha Mirazimi    (Jul 3, 2014)

After ordering about 120 lbs of blood oranges from Grateful Davis (they're incredible) I decided to try out these grapefruits... VERY glad I did - they are incredibly fresh and perfectly ripe!

When I informed the farm that a few arrived spoiled they *promptly* replaced the grapefruits and added a few extra for good measure. Now that is service - they won a customer for life!

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excellent customer service
By: Maria Ward    (Mar 16, 2014)

I highly recommend buying fruit from this farm. They are very courteous when you have a problem they take care of it right away no further questions asked. I'm a faithful customer Thank you for excellent service

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excellent seller
By: Maria Ward    (Mar 4, 2014)

This my third year shopping for my checklists all are well packaged they arrive in excellent condition I will continue and from them try them you will love this fruit

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By: Amy Jenks    (Mar 4, 2014)

I have ordered passion fruit from McManigle Farms a number of times. I have been pleased every time. I first fell in love with passion fruit in the Dominican Republic and I am so excited that I can get passion fruit here in the states. I swear George hand delivers them to my house! Every time I get a craving, I get on here and order some. The next day or two they are on my front porch. OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE! I wish they were in season all the time, craving some now 3/4/14 :(

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By: dragan lukic    (Apr 27, 2013)

I ordered twice from this Farm.First order was ok but the second order 70% of passion fruit was cracked,dry,rotten!!!I will never ever purchase from this Farm.Terrible quality on the second order!Shame on the Farm!!

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George McManigle says:    (Dec 9, 2013)

Here is a person that never ordered from my because ANY time one of my customers were not satisfied with one of my shipments I told Local Harvest to give a COMPLETE refund 100% of the time.