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Fantastic Egg, Happy Hens
By: Lori Bonicelli    (Jan 13, 2011)

i have purchased 10 dozen eggs from Kelvin Grove Farms and absolutely LOVED them. I really liked all the different colors especially the blue ones! The hens are raised in a natural environment where there were all just walking around and hanging out in a huge inclosed area where there is all kinds of stuff for them to perch on and run. I need to get on a set schedule to get these eggs we go though about 5 dozen a month. :)

Peggie, send me an email when you have 10 dozen that I can pick up!! Also, if you know of anyone local that raises their own natural beef and/or chickens. Need to buy a half of a cow (processed) I am not looking for certified organic, just "regular" raised. The animals are fed on pasture, bugs, not tortured or anything. Crazy I know. :)

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