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By: Susan Rock    (Aug 31, 2013)

Michelle...what can I say. Your produce is amazing and I am so glad I found you. The quality is as good as I have ever had--you can taste the love and passion you put into your work. For this reason alone, I can only imagine how good my preserved food will turn out because I found you! Customer for LIFE!!!

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Larryville Gardens review
By: Laura Hotopp    (Jan 4, 2010)

All of the produce at Larryville Gardens is grown with love, and you can taste the difference. Every plant and vegetable is given lots of attention and care so that the end result is the best quality possible. In addition, Michelle is brilliant with giving tips on how to prepare and cook her vegetables. She is full of knowledge and her passion for her garden shines through.

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By: Cheryl Bower    (Jan 1, 2010)

I can honestly say the veggies grown at Larryville Gardens have the best taste imaginable. The flavor of these vegetables prove the time spent searching out the unique heirloom varieties (as well as the specialty veggies) is time well spent by the only real test. Taste. The Freshness the quality, the fragrance and the beauty of these vegetables, all exceptional. I can't wait to shop again next season!

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Homey and Helpful!
By: Katelyn Gollberg    (Jan 1, 2010)

When you first drive into the Larryville Gardens, you are captured by the beauty and the homey feel of the land and the buildings, not to mention, the owners and operators, Larry and Michelle Cannon. They are kind and helpful people that are able to give the origins of the plants they grow, as well as, the best recipes to make with their famous veggies! Everything I have tasted from Larryville gardens has been delicious and this is the only place that I find the best of the best. Super nice people and super awesome produce!

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