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Proof Positive
By: Sheila Menendez    (May 25, 2011)

From the time you meet Terry Ingold & Jim and Patricia Wright, you feel right at home.

Last week at the Troy Farmers' Market our Montgomery County NC Cooperative Extension did a cooking demonstration using Ingold's Grass-fed beef - it was out of this world!

My husband and myself raise our own beef for our little family, and so we don't usually purchase beef, but this was so good, just for a change, I'd buy a couple different cuts.

These are the real people that are making eating real, local, fresh food affordable and they are a pleasure to work with.

You will not be disappointed.


Sheila of Hope Farms

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Simply the best!
By: Hugh Martin    (Apr 24, 2011)

My wife and I just finished enjoying the absolute BEST ribeye steaks we have ever eaten! I saw Mr. Ingold at the Asheboro Farmers' Market today, and I wanted to try their ribeyes. I have purchased NY Strips and hamburger from them before, but they are still in the freezer. But after tasting these ribeyes tonight we will be thawing the remainder out this week. Thank you for providing a healthy, tasty LOCAL alternative to the trucked in gassed meat that's in the grocery stores.

It's Ingold Farms beef for my family from now on!!!

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Great Products, Great Prices and Great People
By: Lynn Epps    (Nov 5, 2010)

We have been very impressed with the products we have bought with the Ingolds'. Their hamburger makes a wonderful meatloaf and we love their cube steak just to name a few. The Ingolds' are so friendly and are very easy to work with. We really enjoyed the Fall Buffet last month and look forward to them having more of those kind of events.

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You will not be disappointed!
By: Nancy Butler    (Apr 19, 2010)

After watching the movie "Food, Inc", we decided to change our purchasing habits. After a little research on the web, we found Ingold Farms and decided to give it a try. We went to the store at the farm - everything was clean, neat, well-organized and the meat looked great. We purchased several different cuts of beef and are extremely pleased with everything. The steaks and roasts were as delicious as any premium beef I have ever ordered and the hamburger was the leanest I have ever tasted. We will definitely be repeat customers.

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By: Cheryl Hendershot    (Apr 12, 2010)

I read about Ingold Farms here on Local Harvest, and decided to go to the Asheboro Farmers Market to try them out. Mr. Ingold was there and was just the nicest guy I have ever met. I'm a single mom, and am on a budget, so I can't afford a whole lot. Mr. Ingold sat there and answered all my questions, and then dug through the freezer to find some pieces of meat for me to choose from. He never acted like it was a hassle. I ended up with a London Broil, and OMG! When I cooked it, it was absolutely the best I have ever had. It was amazing, the size of the roast I put in the oven was the same size that came out! Because their meat is leaner, it barely shrinks when you cook it. You really get your money's worth. I would go to the farmer's market every Saturday JUST to buy my beef from him. You have to try it, and talk to him. He will answer all your questions, even give you tips on how to cook it! So not only is the product the best, but his customer service skills are out of this world!

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There should be a 6 star rating for this farm!!!
By: Jason Goldweber    (Feb 26, 2010)

We moved to NC about 4 years ago and found Ingold Farms at the Asheboro farmers market about 3 years ago. We haven't had another piece of beef since. I don't ussually even order beef when we go out anymore because I feel I can have better beef at home. The Ingold family has taken care of us on plenty of occasions and we recommend their products to EVERYONE. Eat local, live local, bring the community spirit back.

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Great beef, great prices!!
By: Teresa williams    (Jan 24, 2010)

My family really likes Ingold Farms beef! I was impressed that it tastes like I remember "REAL" beef tasting! It is very lean and has a great flavor! I really don't like the thoughts of all the "stuff" being added to out foods and it's good to know there's a place we can get good beef that we can trust! Thanks Ingold Farm for producing a superior product!!!

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Excellent Beef!!!
By: Kira Yates    (Jan 21, 2010)

It's very important to me and my husband that we feed our family healthy food! This beef is grass fed and leaner than normal grain fed.(It does NOT taste like wild onions!! (which is the "reason" some people will not buy grass fed beef)). They are very reasonable with their pricing! For instance, Filet's are $9/lb at Ingolds, at Lowes Foods (grain fed & only God knows what else is in their's) they charge $25/lb. Give them a try-you won't be disappointed!

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