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Best. Food. Ever.
By: Monte Larson    (Oct 25, 2013)

Before discovering Appenzell Farm, my family couldn't find a source we trusted for chicken. We just quit eating it. Now we feel like we hit the jackpot! It's easy to get kids to eat wholesome food when it tastes this good.

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win, win, win!
By: Katie Weston    (Feb 1, 2013)

I LOVE Appenzell Farm! I have been purchasing their eggs for several years, and have just enjoyed a CSA meat share this past season. Everything is top quality and tastes excellent. Plus, I feel so good about feeding my family quality food that isn't full of hormones, etc. In addition, the customer service is to exceed expectation! I feel glad to contribute to the success of this family farm!

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Outstanding Product at a Great Price!
By: Bann Matson    (Jan 31, 2013)

We joined the vegetable CSA last year and received a full share during the season. We were extremely impressed with the product, the amount of food we received, the quality, and the professionalism practiced at this business.

The vegetable share offered wonderful variety, recipes, and flexible pick up schedule. The food was fresh and beautiful.

The animals on the farm are treated wonderfully and are all healthy and vibrant. They are truly living a wonderful life outdoors where nature intended.

We have no hesitation in recommending the CSA to our friends and family and feel that once people try this service they will stick with it.

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Great poultry CSA
By: Dawn Holzer    (Jan 24, 2013)

I got the half chicken share cut-up parts this last year and absolutely loved it. Shares were generous and reasonably priced for the amounts. I have also purchased 4 turkeys from them in the last two years and was very satisfied with the taste and quality.

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Great CSA produce and chicken shares
By: Alex Anderson    (Jan 19, 2013)

We signed up for 1/2 share produce and full chicken shares. Great assortment of produce, and well worth the cost. The full chicken shares is the same. Two processed chickens a month, one for immediate roasting and one for the freezer!

Twice the size of a grocery broiler, and a little more than twice the price. Makes sense, and it tastes like chicken!

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Great tasting, nutritious chicken and beef !!!
By: Steve Bernet    (Jan 19, 2013)

We've being buying pasture raised chickens and grass fed beef from Appenzell for 3 years, and rabbits during the 2011 season. All products have been excellent.

We made the switch from supermarket products to fresh, wholesome products from people we know and trust. If you've not compared Appenzell chicken to supermarket chicken you'll be surprised ... it's a completely different product. Unlike store bought chicken, Appenzell chicken is flavorful and satisfying.

The grass fed beef available through Appenzell is excellent. Grass fed beef is much leaner than than grain fed beef and also much tastier. I was lucky to be involved in a 2 year project at Utah State University where we compared grass fed beef to grain fed beef. I developed a real appreciation for how beef should taste and can no longer eat grain fed beef which is fatty and lacking of real robust beef flavor. Try the beef available through Appenzell and you'll be hooked on grass fed beef.

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No Turning Back!
By: Brooke Snow    (Jan 19, 2013)

Our family switched to a clean all natural diet 3 years ago and it has transformed our lives! Finding meat and produce that is grown naturally is often hard to come by to meet that standard. Enter Appenzell Farm! Their chicken is AMAZING. So amazing in fact, that it has ruined me. I can no longer purchase chicken from the grocery store and really struggle ordering chicken from restaurants now because I know what it could taste like without all the chemicals, hormones, and steroids that the average bird is pumped full of.

We participated in their chicken CSA half meat share for 2012, which put us on a schedule for 2 chickens a month. At first I was a little illiterate in knowing what to do with a whole chicken, not having experience cooking chicken that way. Appenzell gave me some incredible tips and now I find that it is super easy to prepare (we soak it in salt water for a few hours then roast in the oven with some spices) then we have great leftovers for a few days afterwards. We even make our own chicken broth from the remaining carcus--which makes the most amazing chicken noodle soup by the way (as in you'll be in heaven with every bite ;). I love that Appenzell was full of great tips on how to get the most use out of every part of the chicken.

We also participated in the produce share for 2012. The produce was always presented beautifully. Washed, bagged, and just overall lovely. No dirt still covered the vegetables, and always a great variety of vegetables--some of which I had never tried before. We had previously been getting our produce from a co-op (bountiful baskets) but had been disappointed in the quality. Appenzell produce was always extremely fresh and had some great recipe suggestions--especially for vegetables that were slightly less familiar.

Great farm. Great service. Great product. I'm so glad that I only live 3 miles away!

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Great pasture raised chicken
By: Susan Buffler    (Dec 9, 2010)

I am very impressed with the pasture raised chickens from Appenzell. I have only tried one but intend on purchasing a turkey and a 1/2 chicken share. Delicious meat! I slow cooked one half on the grill and the other conventionally in the oven. This chicken gave me three meals and soup fixins. Worth every penny! Also looking forward to trying the rabbit and goat meat. Appenzell walks the talk!

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