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Thank you, Matt
By: Pugh Farms    (Jul 16, 2012)

While I didn't buy anything from SonRise, I did contact them for some professional advice. Matt was warm, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He was happy to share information and give advice to me about the value of going organic and ways to reap nutrition from chickens.

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Delicious grassfed beef delivered to San Diego
By: Cynthia Lumley    (Mar 8, 2012)

I have ordered several times from Sonrise Ranch and have always been satisfied. I order a 1/4 cow at a time, and Doug and company have been great about tailoring my order to my needs.

The meat is always delicious and well-packed for the freezer. The price can't be beat (I've looked!) and I love that the meat is from California.

I pick up the meat at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market, and there is always a friendly Sonrise Ranch representative there to help me load the boxes into my car.

I look forward to trying some of their other meat products!

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Best Bacon
By: Micah Niestrath    (Sep 16, 2011)

I definitely prefer this bacon over other flavored, sweetened bacon that I typically find from other vendors or grocery stores. The bacon is rich, and naturally not too sweet or salty. The clear bacon fat that I get from cooking it works great in other recipes, too. Highly recommended for anyone who loves bacon.

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Best beef in San Diego!
By: levon monte    (Aug 15, 2011)

I recently found myself in a bind when I wanted to just eat kosher meat, but couldn't find any. Next best thing is SonRise Ranch. They do everything right! Their beef is grass finished! They roam free in the hills of central California. They are humanely slaughtered at a small local butcher. Their meat is aged to increase it's purity. What more could you want besides a Rabbi to stamp it kosher?! You get your money worth with their product. The tenderness of the beef is amazing, and that's just the Top Sirloin! I haven't tried the filet mignon yet. What you're paying for is peace of mind that these cows are not cancer-causing-hormone-freaks mucking around in their own crap all day and then butchered as they're about to die anyways from disease or obesity, or even worse they're already dead when they're butchered. I can once again buy beef confident knowing where it's from and that it was treated and slaughtered humanely. You are what you eat!

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Healthy, tasty meats!
By: Maggie Yount    (Aug 3, 2011)

I've been buying chicken, pork and beef at my local farmer's market, and have just joined their CSA. Everything I've had has tasted great! I'm definitely a fan.

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Perfect Treats for pets!
By: Cathryn Henning    (Mar 31, 2011)

I give my Shih Tzu half a dog ear as a special dinner treat...some of these ears are huge!

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SUPERB flavor & juiciness--Pastured chicken is the BEST!
By: The Williams Family    (Aug 10, 2010)

I just finished licking my fingers from the best chicken I have ever eaten! We bought a whole body pastured chicken this past week from Douglas at the Farmers Market in Vista and were anxious to roast it up for dinner and put it to the test. Can you say succulent?! Those factory farmed confinement chickens don't hold a candle to this quality bird full of real "chicken-y" flavor! We are accustomed to the dry, lackluster breast from the organic "free-range" chickens we usually buy. But even the breast on this chicken was incredibly juicy and flavorful. Quality food just can't be compared to cheap food. Simply delicious. You won't be disappointed! Customer service from SonRise Ranch is top-notch as well.

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Great selection of humanely raised animal products
By: Jacqueline shipwright    (Apr 24, 2010)

I mentioned to a friend that I was looking for humanely raised pork and she told me about SonRise Ranch. I emailed them to find out where they would be and received an email back, helpful and quick. So I stopped by the farmers market the next Saturday and bought bacon, a weakness of mine. They were very friendly and helpful. I discovered that they carry humanely raised pork, grass fed beef and raw milk too. Needless to say, the bacon was incredible! I hate when I buy a package, get it home, and find out it's all fat. This bacon had a lot of meat, was very flavorful, and cooked up nicely. I highly recommend stopping by and chatting/buying from this operation. They answered every question I had and it was a pleasure to buy from them.

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