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Remember what a CSA is
By: Jan Dawson    (Oct 23, 2013)

I know nothing about this farm, their produce, or prices. I noticed it was not getting good reviews and just checked in. As a small farmer, we don't do a CSA. BUT, for all that do, please remember what a CSA is for. It is to help farmers get started in the spring when money is low in the cash box. It is also to make a commitment to a local grower to provide fresh produce. It is ALSO the understanding that farming is not science ... it relies on nature. We farmers work hard to put out a crop, tend it and hope for a harvest that will fulfill our (and your) plans. When you decide to buy into a farmer's CSA program, you should do so with the understanding that you are supporting this farmer in good times and possibly BAD. We cannot always control what happens in the field (try as we might....) The consumer's commitment is to know and understand that there could be crop failures. This does not negate the fact that you make a financial commitment and hope to get what you paid for. BUT ... if you want local farmers to continue to exist in your community ... a CSA is a financial way to help that farmer survive through a drought year, crop failures, equipment failures, tornadoes, floods ... you name it. PLEASE don't threaten law suites with us ... we really do try to do our best. Drive out to this farm and TALK to them; I'm sure they will be more than willing to try to compensate in other ways for your financial investment.

BUT .. I have to say ... if you do NOT understand all of the reasons to make a financial commitment to a local grower through a CSA program ... don't do it. I certainly understand that a CSA is a big financial commitment ... but unless you are a grower of produce, you probably have no idea what OUR financial responsibilities and commitments are. Not even mentioning the emotional stress of trying to make a living off this land by trying to provide fresh, local produce to our communities.

We love what we do, we rely on our communities to support us, and we TRY OUR BEST to provide a good product at a fair price. Good Luck to this Farm and to the Customers who will work with them to make it all work out!

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Todd Schriver says:    (Mar 12, 2014)

Thanks for the note Jan, We had a particularly hard season in 2011, though the reviews were a bit strange, esp. since we had offered a refund to the customer that left the worst review a few weeks before she posted. Things have been really good since that season, last season in particular was very good in spite of challenging weather.

Just getting around to reviewing experience from 2011
By: Megan Harberts    (Oct 18, 2013)

We participated in this CSA with several of our friends over the summer of 2011. It was everyone's first experience participating in a CSA. I think we were splitting the share between too many people, but also we were not fully satisfied with what we received. Like other reviewers have mentioned it was a lot of greens and less other vegetables. I knew the farm was just starting out so hopefully things have improved, but I have not participated after 2011.

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Sadly Disappointed
By: Matthew Osborn    (Nov 9, 2011)

I am very disappointed. "Woefully" disappointed might be a little too strong, but considering how little money I can afford to spend on food, risking over $300 on this, my first time trying a CSA, feels like a pretty heavy loss to me. The variety of vegetables listed on the web site looked very interesting, and people talking about CSAs in general told me that I should expect so much food that I wouldn't be able to eat it all myself. I had also been led to expect wonderful quality from this kind of thing. Sadly, none of those expectations worked out for me in my experience with Rock Dove Farm. I will probably not try any CSA again after this experience -- certainly won't be signing up with Rock Dove again.

It wasn't all bad. I got to try a few things I hadn't tried before. But seeing as how I had to keep buying vegetables from Kroger or Giant Eagle all summer anyway, I would have been much better off just getting all my vegetables from regular grocery stores, with an occasional treat of something different from one of the many farmers' markets around the area.

This was not worth the money I paid. I eventually had to conclude that it really wasn't even worth the cost of the gas for me to drive to the pick-up location every week.

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Meager Share
By: Jeanne Warne Frontz    (Oct 30, 2011)

Very disappointed in the meager quantities and the limited variety of vegetables. Mostly greens and herbs. Share price is very expensive for the amount of food received. Have had much better experiences with other CSA's.

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Todd Schriver says:    (Nov 3, 2011)

Thanks for the feedback. We have also been disappointed with the shares we've been able to provide this season. We had planned on putting between 7 and 9 different items in the share each week but have only been able to get 5 to 7 items each week. We are a new farm and have made lots of beginners mistakes. We fully recognize that we have a ton of work to do to get the farm where we want it to be. And we are changing everything that has proven to be problematic to provide a better value for our members in upcoming seasons. That said, our shares will nearly always have an herb and two greens. And we are, week for week, the cheapest CSA in the area.

disappointed in the variety
By: Sarah C Hopp    (Aug 28, 2011)

I've been doing CSAs for years, with great success in the Boston, Massachusetts area. After moving to Columbus, I was excited to find Rock Dove Farm, with their eclectic listing of vegetables on this website and their website. However, the summer season is nearing a close and I have yet to be truly excited about my share any week. Most of the summer we have only received greens, which are tasty, but generally an early-season vegetable. The broccoli I received was a joke - maybe 5 florets and 90% greens.

While other farms are selling zucchini, summer squash, heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, peppers, shallots, and garlic, I'm still getting greens and herbs and maybe 2 normal red tomatoes. Imagine my disappointment that after paying $325, I'm still having to pay for other vegetables to make it through the week, where previous CSAs were my entire subsistence during past summers. I grew up on a farm - I know that there should be more than this and this hasn't been a bad summer for farming compared to the last two. I understand the shared risk in farmshares but this is very disappointing when I see other farms doing fine.

Most of the vegetables were high quality and delicious, just with very little variety compared to my previous experiences. I also found myself using the meager share very quickly, even just between two of us; previous CSA half shares have inundated my 2-person household with enough vegetables to freeze or can for winter - not Rock Dove. I'll be considering my other options next year. Maybe I'll consider Rock Dove in the future after they have a bit more experience under their belt.

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Todd Schriver says:    (Aug 31, 2011)

I'm sorry. We're having a rough season. We're doing the best we can with the resources and experience available to us... we aren't embarrassed by the outcome (so far), but we are disappointed. We are a new farm and we recognize how much work we have to do to become a great one. We're trying to work through all of our problems this season and go into this fall and next season with an exceptional production system and a better and better organized delivery service.

Delicious Local Produce for our first year of CSA
By: Janis Wunderlich    (Feb 26, 2011)

Last year we decided to try buying a CSA share, and after studying all of our options, thought we would try a newer farm, partly because we love supporting "underdog" or new businesses, and partly because Rock Dove Farms prices for farm shares were very reasonable. We were not dissappointed in our choice! Farmer Todd delivered fresh produce to our door every week. We had a great variety and our full share offering was even enough to occasionally share with friends. Our favorite items were a variety of carrots, potatoes, beets, and squashes, which we received in abundance. Rock Dove Farm also offered a much longer window for receiving deliveries... our farm share went almost to Thanksgiving last year, allowing us to cook with delicious local produce for the Thanksgiving holiday. I recently spoke with Farmer Todd and he has made some improvements to his farm this year, including a green house for earlier production, and he has plans to add more variety to his crops in 2011. I recommend Rock Dove Farms for its' good value and excellent produce, not to mention that Farmer Todd is a super nice, hardworking farmer who delivered our vegetables with a smile each week!!

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Newbie to CSA
By: Theresa Berner    (Feb 4, 2011)

We were new CSA members and not sure what to expect. The quality and variety of vegetables surpassed any of our expectations. Early in the season we received produce similar to what my Italian grandfather would grow and each week the anticipation of what we would receive gave us something to look forward to. It is evident that Todd puts a lot of thought into his produce and had a natural talent for this business. If anyone wants to try a CSA, I encourage you to join Rock Dove Farm. It will provide you with a long season of wonderful vegetables, easy recipes, and a healthy resource for meals. I have tried finding vegetables at local stores but cannot find anything close to the quality of what I received from Rock Dove Farm. We are counting down the days until the next season starts.

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A great first experience with Rock Dove Farm!
By: Alexandra Borstad    (Jan 15, 2011)

Our family has been CSA customers for most of the last 12 years both while we were living in Minnesota and here in Ohio. We have been fortunate to have had veggies grown by Todd for the last three years, we find him to be kind, intelligent and hardworking. When Todd and Heather purchased their own land in West Jeff. last year it was a natural choice for us and so we participated in Rock Dove Farms first CSA year. While 2010 was a tough growing season in central Ohio, each week we enjoyed clean, local, fresh produce from their farm. We also made several trips to the farm to lend a hand, learn, and just enjoy the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. A highlight of the season for our family was participating in the 'apple smash' where for hours we cut, ground and pressed apples in Todd and Heather's cider press. We had a blast and took fresh cider home for drinking and brewing. I hope this becomes an annual event. Today I am making pumpkin soup with some of the last produce left from our 2010 share...which is sad, but I've already purchased my 2011 share and am looking forward to what this year will bring.

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