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By: kathy northcut    (May 15, 2010)

Living in rural central Missouri has its drawbacks, one major example being the lack of choice in food purchasing. WalMart is the biggest supplier for most people, and alternatives are hard to come by. With the Sweetleaf Farm CSA starting in 2010, we've now got a local produce option that, together with modest farmer's market offerings, promises to make life here far more livable. Our full share of produce has totally exceeded our expectations. We're now more motivated to try to purchase local meat as well, committing ourselves a little more to our home, and a little less to our expensive getaways. There are so many farms around here, and so few ways to obtain local food, that I am grateful to Carrie and Andy for taking this risk and selling shares in their harvest. I hope this works out for them so that it can be a long term food solution for us.

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