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By: Katie Bradley    (Jan 4, 2010)

Summer 2009 was my first summer with Sophia Garden. The vegetables were plentiful, fresh, and delicious. There was so much diversity and I really appreciated their dedication to sticking with the heirloom varieties. The optional volunteer hours were just an introduction to the farm for me, I loved being a part of the team so much I made it a regular thing. Working the farm really made me appreciate all the hard work the crew puts in to bring such great food to the community. Such great people, such a great farm.

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Coming down to Earth
By: marybeth moore    (Jan 2, 2010)

I am about to join Sofia Garden CSA for my 3rd season and looking forward to another wonderful experience. The vegetables are just great--variety, taste, beauty. In addition the community spirit that informs Sofia is a source of hope to me. Participating in growing one's own food is very empowering and counters all the bad news. The people are friendly and helpful. I get my money's worth, and much more...

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Wonderful and Tastey
By: Katherine Scott    (Jun 25, 2009)

I just went to my first farm with my friend today. I really enjoyed myself. The veggies where great fresh from the vine. It was a wonderful experience. I want to go there again soon!!

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Wonderful and Delicious!
By: Susan Solomon    (May 28, 2009)

Sophia Garden is a wonderful CSA. The produce is delicious, plentiful according to the seasons, with great variety. The work requirement is very fair, and the social activities add to the enjoyment of the season. You really feel like you are part of this CSA...very connected to all aspects of the farm. Highly recommend!

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CSA is the Way to go!!
By: Debbie    (Aug 18, 2008)

This is our first year as members and we are very pleased. The produce is plentiful and delicious. We should have done this years ago.

I recommend CSA to anyone who likes farmstand produce.

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