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We love the Double F Ranch
By:    (Oct 4, 2014)

We've been CSA members with the Double F Ranch since they started and I feel so lucky to receive such delicious and affordable chicken, eggs, pork, and beef. I would Recommend the ranch to anyone who is interested in good food.

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The best of the best
By: rachel mills    (Feb 16, 2013)

My husband and I have been CSA members for the last three years. We have a 10lb share and are always pleased with the cuts we get every month. We try and cook only with the meat we get from the CSA. Every so often our hands are forced to purchase meat at the store. I am always amazed when we cook ground beef or pork purchased not from the Double F Ranch how much of a difference there is in the taste and even the smell!!! Even when we buy meat from Whole Foods the difference is obvious. We have been to the ranch and have observed on numerous occasions the conditions in which the animals live. They are taken care of to the highest standards and have lots of room to roam free. They are always quick to respond to questions about the meat, even giving ideas for how to cook it. I love that in the winter we get extras at no charge to use such as soup bones, stewing hens, etc. We love our farmers and plan to be CSA members for life.

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By: Lori Callister    (Jul 20, 2010)

Really enjoyed our first delivery, lovingly packed into a pretty crisp linen bag. The eggs are beauty queens, and so far, we've enjoyed the ham and ground beef and are looking forward to the steaks! Thanks to this great farm for clearly taking care and preparing delicious meat for us!

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By: Shelley Putnam    (Apr 25, 2010)

These folks have taken over their family historic ranch and given access to others of a wonderful organic source of beef, eggs and other homemade products.

Their care of the land, animals and the environment is great. I have personally visited the farm and it is amazing at their level of minimizing their own needs and at the same time acting as excellent cooks with what is available. Everything has a use...even extra basil leaves for basil jelly. Yum. who would have known?

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