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The BEST customer service and support for local farmers!
By: Catherine Willis    (Mar 13, 2013)

I have been very fortunate to be a customer of Rancho Alegre Farm and their online market, Gwinnett Locally Grown, for some time now.

As a concerned new mom, I have spent many months looking for a good source of local food and milk for my family all over Gwinnett County and this is the best option out there. This farm offers many different products and it's a one-stop shop for locally grown produce and raw milk (for pet consumption.)

I highly recommend you try Rancho Alegre Farm and their Gwinnett Locally Grown market. The owners are FANTASTIC people and I am so glad I found this place!

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Visit our Facebook page to see what others think
By: Rancho Alegre    (Apr 24, 2012)

As much as we would like to please everyone, it's just not humanely possible. We feel blessed to have thousands of visitors year after year, and to have such a large facebook following. We encourage you to judge for yourself and visit our farm. Like any business, we have had our share of disgruntled volunteer, upset vendors and never able to please customer. Luckily it's only been less than a hand full of them in the many years we have been in business with the thousands of visitors that pass through yearly, and they have made themselves be known here. One of them to the extent of creating aliases and posting fake reviews. You get my point. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to address them. Thank you for your interest in our farm.

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Amazing to find a farm like this right here in Gwinnett!
By: Robin Bennett    (Jun 27, 2011)

I liked this farm because there is so much to see! A very large garden, horses, goats, cows, chickens ... it's easy to get to because it is not far from Hwy 316 and it's well signed. There aren't many farms like this in the area which are open to the public. I liked the picnic areas - we're thinking about booking a party there soon. Looking forward to visiting again.

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Visit this farm before you pass judgement
By: Susan Ke    (Jun 16, 2011)

I went by the farm to see the new arrivals, Dinah & Beulah the new dairy cows, since I am a huge raw milk fan. I live close by and have known this farm since it started. I recently came across some of these reviews and asked Pilar about them because I was so surprised to know someone could be so evil and say such slanderous comments about someone who really has a passion for doing something positive in the community. Since the start of this farm, Pilar has always mentioned that she wants her facility to be an educational outlet for the urban community that surrounds her. Iâ??ve been witness to her hard labor, passion, and wonderful agriculture attitude. Why people say such slandering comments is beyond me. By the way, most of the comments were made by the same individual creating several aliases to make harm on the farm. All I can say is that I do visit a lot of farms, and this by far this is one of the nicest, cleanest farms Iâ??ve seen, and the animals are always very well maintained and treated. Donâ??t believe everything you read, and stop by to visit the farm and you will see for yourself.

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"Organic" boxes are resold produce from Dekalb Farmers Mkt
By: S. D.    (Dec 11, 2010)

The ORGANIC boxes listed as being from a CSA are resold produce from the DEKALB farmer's market.

The winter market had great potential when Marty & Lisa were handling things. They are now gone, as the farm owner (Pilar Quintero) was being very difficult to work with and she was trying to nickle-and-dime them and the vendors. As a result, several vendors that were there in the beginning have also left and the market now seems to be falling apart (as it did after last year's market manager left).

Now that Marty & Lisa have been gone for 2-3 weeks, it appears that any quality control and jurying of the vendors are also gone. If you don't have quality vendors and quality produce/ don't have repeat customers or new customers...and eventually, you don't have a market anymore.

The facility that the market was held in was not very clean. One week there were tables leaning against the walls on one side and some other debris on the other side. The kitchen area is a complete mess and had clutter everywhere.

After reading numerous reviews about this farm concerning the maltreatment of horses and their owners, as well as the dishonesty and greediness of Pilar and her staff, I would recommend that people stay away from that place.

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Terri Tattan says:    (Jan 25, 2011)

This review is a slanderous pack of lies. Market falling apart? Because a couple of vendors departed?! Actually, the market is still in operation with a quality selection of vendors. Grass fed beef, honey, biscotti, soy-based candles, quality baked goods, whole grain bread and other value added products. The "other reviews" you refer to were all written by the same person, btw!

Pilar Quintero says:    (Jun 21, 2011)

Rancho Alegre does not offer a CSA. We began operating a Buyers Club because certified organic produce is not readily available in our immediate area. The produce was purchased from a wholesale distributor who obtains local organic produce when available. By using a distributor, we can also provide certified organic produce grown in other areas, such as tropical fruits, warm weather crops like tomatoes in the winter and greens in the summer. The winter market gave our quality vendors a place to sell during what is typically the off-season for farmers markets here. We continued to operate every Saturday until the Spring. As the busier, municipal markets re-opened, the vendors returned to their regular venues for the summer. The Market Managers were responsible for the appearance of the rental hall. If the presence of folding tables was undesirable, ideally, this issue should have been addressed by these market managers at the time. The reviews you referred to are false accusations which were part of an attack launched by one person. FYI - impromptu inspections by the Department of Agriculture and Animal Control found no violations - they actually said we had one of the nicest barns they had seen! We invite all our visitors to see the living conditions of our animals and to judge for themselves.

The truth says:    (Dec 7, 2011)

My how history repeats itself here... no matter what the endeavor.

The truth says:    (Dec 7, 2011)

It seems that if the owners would work on their integrity instead of how to make a quick profit off a supposedly good cause, they would have some lingering success. Certainly a waste of a much potential.

Rosetta says:    (Feb 28, 2013)

Sounds like Pilar is up to the same old tricks.

Love this Place!
By: Martha Meier    (Aug 27, 2010)

This place is awesome. I found the owners very polite and wanting to make everyone happy!

I have been buying produce boxes for years. Certified Organic! I just began ordering from and find that facinating. You can order from farmers all over the state from this web site and then your orders are dropped off at the Farm for you to pick up. What a great way to save Gas!

My best friend has been boarding her horse there for years and just love the farm, the facilities and the care given to her horse.

I read the horrible review on this web site and asked the owner about it. She said it was from a disgruntled ex-employee. It is a shame that someone's immaturity can tarnish a business that is offering it's services to teach children about sustainability.

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Animals left in stalls for weeks and neglected
By: Alfonso    (May 7, 2010)

Please read the review for this farm at Yahoo and Kudzu before you support these people financially. If they have the integrity to find owners for their animals that will not mistreat them I would happily support them in this endeavor.

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Blanche Federson says:    (Dec 7, 2011)

If they are mistreating animals why not report them to animal control or whatever animal rights organization that is in the area. Don't just sit back and talk/write about animal abuse and not do something about it. I /we definitely will not support animal abusers if this is the truth about them.

Love it
By: Mary Jane    (Mar 27, 2010)

This is by far the best farm/market that I have come across in Gwinnett! Although it is on the outskirts of Gwinnett County and probably a good drive for most it is well worth it. I have bought their "Buyers Club" box since the first of the year and have been happy with it each time. All the produce has been very fresh and I'm very satisfied with it. I have yet to try the milk that is also offered... that is next on my list! There are so many wonderful vendors that attend the market each week. It makes it hard to choose which products to buy when I am there. I am excited to get some of the plants that will be sold from Creative Enterprise in the upcoming weeks. Pilar and her husband are very nice & Anthony Stokes seems very knowledgable (I love his weekly newsletter too!). My only request is that they take more time to get to know the people coming every week. They seem so busy and rushed to make sure everything is going smooth - which it does.And by NO means are they rude. They just dont seem to take the time to slow down and enjoy what they are creating each week for us.

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